Calvin Austin III

Team: Pittsburgh Steelers
Position: WR
Height: 5-9
Weight: 162
Arms: 30
Hands: 9 1/4
Experience: 2
College: Memphis
Age: 24
Hometown: Memphis, TN

Calvin Austin III is a well-regarded name in National Football League (NFL), recognized for his remarkable skills, agility, and determination on the field. Born on August 6, 1998, Austin hails from Memphis, Tennessee, and his journey in competitive American football underscores an inspiring narrative of diligence, perseverance, and meteoric elevation in his career.

Austin III wasn’t always a top-tier player. He started his football career as a walk-on — an athlete without an athletic scholarship — at the University of Memphis. Nobody expected him to rise through the ranks and carve out a successful career in the sport. However, the 5’9″, 162-pound dynamo proved everyone wrong with his sheer talent, speed, and hard work.

During high school, Austin excelled both in the classroom and on the field. He attended Harding Academy in Memphis, where he played football and ran track, earning multiple state championships in both sports. Despite his success, Austin wasn’t offered a football scholarship and decided to continue his athletic pursuits at the University of Memphis in 2017.

As a freshman, Austin didn’t see much playing time on the football field. However, he made significant strides during his junior season in 2019. He ended up leading the Tigers with 62 receptions for 1,025 yards and 11 touchdowns, making a remarkable position in the American Athletic Conference’s first team. His senior year witnessed him as the team’s top receiver, with 63 receptions for 1,053 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Austin’s determination and powerful performance on the university team caught the attention of the NFL scouts. His speed was particularly recognized: he clocked a 4.33 40-yard dash at the University of Memphis’ Pro Day, one of the fastest times among the 2021 NFL draft prospects.

The NFL Draft of 2021, however, passed without Austin’s name being called, but this didn’t dampen his hopes. Proving his mettle yet again through perseverance, he was signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers as an undrafted free agent shortly after the draft. In his professional debut, Austin displayed game-changing speed and special-teams ability, highlighting his value to the team.

Austin’s journey is a testament to his unwavering spirit and impressively hard work. Deemed as simply too small for top-tier football during his high school, he has remarkably managed to silence critics with his performances. He transformed from a walk-on at college to a star player for his university team, and later, an NFL athlete.

Off the gridiron, Calvin Austin III is also known for his philanthropic endeavors. He’s driven toward giving back to his community and has participated in multiple charity events, proving that his character is as commendable off the field as it is on the field.

Despite facing several obstacles and, initially, minimal recognition, Calvin Austin III’s story shows that true talent cannot be hidden for long. His significant contributions to his teams, both at college and professional level, demonstrate his ability to consistently push boundaries and redefine success. As his football career continues to unfold, he remains a player to watch, providing inspiration for countless athletes who, like him, embark on their journey amidst challenges and limited initial resources.


What Is Calvin Austin III's 40-yard Dash Time?
Calvin Austin III ran the 40-yard dash in 4.32 seconds at the 2022 NFL Combine.

What College Did Calvin Austin III Attend?
Calvin Austin III attended the University of Memphis for college.

What Is The Height Of Calvin Austin III?
Calvin Austin III stands at a height of 5′ 9″.

What Is Calvin Austin III's Jersey Number?
Calvin Austin III's jersey number is 19.

What Is Calvin Austin III's 40 Yard Dash Time?
Calvin Austin III ran the 40-yard dash in 4.32 seconds at the 2022 NFL Combine.

Was Calvin Austin III Picked In The Draft?
Yes, Calvin Austin III was picked in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

What Is Calvin Austin III's Instagram Handle?
Calvin Austin III's Instagram handle is @calvinaustiniii.

What Are Some Highlights Of Calvin Austin III's Career?
Calvin Austin III's career highlights include his exceptional performance as a wide receiver at Memphis, creating buzz with his speed, agility, and ability to make notable plays which have ultimately led to his signing with Pittsburgh.

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projected_rushing_attempts: 1.6

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