Brandon Powell

Team: Minnesota Vikings
Position: WR
Height: 5-8
Weight: 181
Experience: 6
College: Florida
Age: 28

Brandon Powell is a highly skilled, professional athlete, revered for his prodigious talent, tenacity, and agility on the football field. Born on September 16, 1995 in Deerfield Beach, Florida, Powell is celebrated for his vibrant NFL career as a wide receiver.

Powell attended Deerfield Beach High School where he demonstrated his first glimpses of the skill that would later propel him into a successful football career. Following an impressive stint at the high school level, Powell received athletic scholarship offers from several noteworthy institutions. He ultimately chose to attend Florida College, where he played as a wide receiver for the college team from 2014 to 2017. His superior University performance earned him the respect of his peers and coaches and opened doors for his professional career.

Following his graduation from Florida College, Brandon Powell went undrafted in the NFL Draft in 2018 which could have been a major setback to his career. However, with his unrelenting determination and passion for football, Powell was signed by the Detroit Lions later that year as an undrafted free agent. While his early days in the Lions were mostly confined to the practice squad, Powell was propelled into the active roster towards the end of the season, earning him his NFL debut against the Los Angeles Rams.

Over the course of his tenure with the Lions, Brandon Powell showcased his versatility and exceptional skills both as a receiver and a return specialist. His sparkling plays, charisma, and work rate made him an instant fan favourite. However, his time with the Lions was short-lived, and in 2019, the Lions released Powell. Despite this setback, Powell remained resilient.

Showing he still had tremendous upside, Powell was claimed off waivers by the Atlanta Falcons where his career was ripe for a resurgence. It came in the form of an incredible touchdown against the Las Vegas Raiders in 2020―a play that etched its memorable mark in Falcons’ history and showed Powell’s caliber on the largest stage in American sports.

As of the 2021 season, Brandon Powell has joined the Los Angeles Rams, promising fans exciting plays and memorable moments.

Off the field, Brandon Powell is known for his devotion to community service. At various points throughout his career, he has been involved in various charity initiatives, displaying his commitment to giving back to the community. Despite his stardom, Powell has remained grounded, consistently attributing his success to his relentless work ethic, superior athleticism and the unwavering support from his family.

Brandon Powell has successfully etched his name in the realm of American football as a star receiver. His journey from an undrafted college player to a respected NFL wide receiver is a testament to his unwavering determination, hard work and natural talent. His story is proof that passion coupled with diligence can break through barriers and exceed expectations, even in the face of adversity.

As Brandon Powell continues his career, his life and journey remind sports fans of the power of perseverance, the strength of character and unconditional love for the game.

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