Nate Diaz’s return to the UFC may still be a few fights away, but his boxing bout against Jake Paul on August 5th has already created one of the biggest waves in combat sports this year. The former lightweight and welterweight champion is looking to get back into contention for a world title once his business with Paul is settled, but many wonder what path he will take there.

Diaz was released from the UFC in late 2022 after securing an impressive win over Tony Ferguson — a fight that was originally meant to be Khamzat Chimaev instead. This wasn’t looked upon too kindly by some who thought it was an attempt by the promotion to hurt Nate’s drawing power on his way out of the door. Despite all this, Nate has made it clear that he would like nothing more than returning to compete for a world title if given the chance — something he believes can only happen inside the octagon due its collection of top-level fighters.

While those plans are still being formed, we do have eyes set on August 5th when Diaz takes on YouTube star Jake Paul in Texas. With both men coming off big wins over Anderson Silva and Tommy Fury respectively, fans are excited about seeing how each fighter fares against their opponent inside and outside their respective disciplines: MMA versus boxing . Even though many consider Paul as somewhat beatable with superior cardio, there’s no denying that Diaz needs to resist getting into any wild firefights with someone who doesn’t possess similar level skill sets as him or else he risks jeopardizing potential future bouts with other big names such as Conor McGregor whom Nate already expressed interest fighting again for a third time at some point down line—all ingredients adding fuel to what looks like could become one of 2021’s most lucrative pay-per-view events within combat sports overall. Although this is yet to be confirmed, the most likely scenario for Diaz’s return to the UFC after the August 5th matchup appears to be a welterweight on a win. Nate has been vocal about his desire to claim a world title inside the octagon and to claim gold in a bigger division would certainly do justice.

Even though there are still obstacles for Diaz before becoming champion, it is clear that he remains hungry as ever — evidenced by the strategic decisions he’s making during this boxing stint before returning back home. Whether or not these will pay off with another world title run remains unknown at this time, but one thing is certain: win or lose on August 5th, Nate Diaz will always remain an iconic figure within combat sports due to his contribution throughout its history and ability captivate audiences worldwide whenever stepping foot inside any type of ring.


I think the fight between Diaz and Oliveira will be amazing! It’s a perfect way to get back into contention for a world title. The UFC should definitely make this match happen.

I’m not sure if Nate has what it takes to become champion again – he’s been out of the octagon for so long. We’ll have to see how he does against Paul before making any predictions.

This is gonna be an interesting fight. There are pros and cons for each fighter, but in the end I’m sure we’ll have an exciting bout.

Diaz needs to prove himself with this boxing match or else he won’t stand much of a chance against someone like Charles Oliveira who is still relatively active in the sport.

Nate may have been out of action for some time now, but his legacy speaks volumes about his skill set and heart as a competitor inside any ring or cage.

August 5th can’t come soon enough! Both fighters are undefeated since their last outings and both possess strong mindsets on how they want things done. This is gonna be one wild night!

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