The Misfits Boxing 7 event is set to be one of the most chaotic and entertaining influencer boxing events in recent memory. After a truly wild press conference that saw KSI shove Joe Fournier, Instagram model Astrid Wett got involved in a brawl, and Lil Kimchii went on an expletive-filled rant. Now fans are anxiously anticipating the start of the highly anticipated match-up between KSI and Fournier.

The press conference began with introductions from each fighter as they posed for photos with their respective corner people. Despite being on opposite sides there was no animosity between them which only made things more interesting when KSI suddenly shoved Fournier as they posed for another photo leading both fighters to have to be separated by security twice. The shove certainly created some headlines but it wasn’t until later when things really got out of hand.

Twitter quickly erupted after an unexpected altercation between Instagram model Astrid Wett and fellow influencer Alexia Grace broke out during the presser. This resulted in Wett getting soaked by Grace after she threw a drink at her while both were being held back by security officers trying to contain them from escalating any further damage.

As if this wasn’t enough drama, Anthony Taylor proceeded to declare himself “the biggest name in influencer boxing” before Salt Papi confronted him, resulting in Taylor scrambling all over the stage attempting to grab money thrown around earlier by KSI claiming “this is free money!” All this action left viewers pondering whether or not we will see similar antics throughout Saturday’s fight night event?

With so much happening prior to even entering the ring it can be said that Misfits Boxing 7 has been off to quite an explosive start with no signs yet of slowing down anytime soon! Fans eagerly await this Saturday where we should expect nothing less than sheer chaos when these two squared up against each other once again inside OVO Arena located here in London and streaming live on DAZN Pay Per View platform starting at 2 p m EST (7 p m GMT). This  fight night is sure to be an electrifying one, with both fighters eager to prove who the better boxer really is. To properly hype up this exciting event DAZN has released KSI vs Fournier Official Trailer where you can get a glimpse of what’s in store for us this upcoming Saturday Will Joe Fournier be able to overcome KSI’s speed and power or will it be KSI proving his dominance over his rival once again?

Only time will tell when these two great boxers go head-to-head inside the ring on Saturday. With so much demand from fans all over the world Misfits Boxing 7 looks set to become one of biggest events in influencer boxing history and may even break pay per view streaming records. So don’t forget – Get your tickets soon! Tune into DAZN at 2 p m EST (7 p m GMT) this coming Saturday 25th July 2020, place your bets, grab some popcorn, sit back relax; as we are about see an epic showdown between two big names in influencer boxing that should not be missed!


Fans are so excited for this fight, they’ve been talking about it nonstop. KSI and Fournier have a history of heated encounters and you know both will be going all out to win this one! Can’t wait to see who’s gonna come out on top.

It’ll certainly be a wild night when these two fighters step into the ring. I’m sure we’re in for something spectacular! Neither fighter is backing down, so it should make for an exciting match up.

I’m expecting KSI and Fournier to put on one heck of a show during their fight at Misfits Boxing 7. It hasn’t been since Mayweather vs McGregor that we’ve seen two influencers with such big personalities in the ring together.

This fight is sure to excite fans around the world. Both KSI and Fournier have dedicated followers and everyone has their own opinion as to who will win. It will be interesting too see which boxer prevails on July 25th in London.

You can bet this will be an intense match between these two influencers at Misfits Boxing 7! This is definitely one event that MMA fans won’t want to miss — drama, tension, excitement…it’s all there!

It was obvious even before the press conference that things were going to get heated between these two fighters – now with Astrid Wett getting involved – tensions are only rising higher leading up Saturday’s main event. The anticipation surrounding this upcoming boxing match is through the roof!!

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