The fans in attendance at BKFC 41 in Denver, Colorado on Saturday witnessed a wild and brutal fight between Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold. In the second round, Perry delivered a tremendous punch that caught Rockhold square on the mouth and sent one of his teeth flying across the canvas. The shot was so devastating that it caused the referee to stop the fight giving Perry a TKO win.

At the post-fight press conference, BKFC president David Feldman explained that not only did Rockhold have one tooth damaged but several other teeth were also cracked due to Perryโ€™s powerful punch. After returning home from the fight, Rockhold shared footage of himself getting stitches for a gash opened up during his exchanges with Perry as well as revealing what appeared to be significant dental work needed to repair his chipped teeth.

The social media accounts of both fighters were flooded with comments after video replay clips of their exchange went viral online showing everyone how vicious bare knuckle fighting can be when two tough competitors are locked in an intense battle inside the ring. Many praised both men for their relentless attitudes and warrior spirit while others expressed their shock at how much damage such tiny gloves can do when used correctly by skilled strikers like these two experienced professionals showed us last weekend.

Rockhold even joked about being done with bare knuckle fighting though he still hopes to get some gloves next time around so he won’t have any more issues with broken teeth or deep cuts whenever he steps back into any ring again anytime soon or further down in future bouts against whatever opponents may await him then! In all seriousness though this incident should serve as yet another reminder that safety needs to always come first no matter who we’re watching compete within any combat sports arena whether it’s MMA boxing kickboxing jiu jitsu wrestling or anything else – never take your eyes off those athletes because you never know what kind of surprises they might have waiting for us just seconds away!


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