Mike Perry, a well-known UFC fighter, has recently shared his thoughts on the now-infamous street fight involving Nate Diaz. Perry called the people involved in the fight “disrespectful” and expressed his disappointment with the situation.

The street fight, which took place outside a nightclub in Los Angeles, gained widespread attention on social media due to the involvement of Nate Diaz, a popular MMA fighter. In the video footage, Diaz can be seen punching another man, who had allegedly disrespected him earlier that night.

Perry, who is known for his no-nonsense attitude, criticized Diaz for his involvement in the fight, stating that it was not necessary to resort to violence in such situations. He added that people should learn to control their emotions and not let their egos get the best of them.

Perry went on to say that he believes that many people in the MMA community have a similar mindset to Diaz, and that this can lead to a lot of unnecessary violence both inside and outside the octagon. He urged people to show more respect and to find more constructive ways to deal with their problems.

The fighter also spoke about the importance of self-control in MMA, stating that fighters must learn to control their emotions in order to be successful in the sport. He emphasized that MMA is not just about physical strength, but also about mental strength and discipline.

Overall, Perry’s comments on the Diaz street fight reflect a growing concern within the MMA community about the use of violence outside the octagon. As the sport continues to gain popularity, it is important that fighters and fans alike learn to show more respect and find more constructive ways to deal with their problems.

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