Conor McGregor, the former two-division UFC champion, celebrated a big legal win Thursday evening against boxing legend Manny Pacquiao. A judge ruled that the Filipino icon must pay over $5 million in damages to Paradigm Sports, McGregor’s representative agency.

McGregor took to Twitter to gloat about his legal victory and also issued a warning shot across the bow of Artem Lobov – another one of his former friends turned foes.

“Manny owes 8 all in,” he wrote. “5 1 he owes and then 2 9 in legal fees.”
On Wednesday it was reported that Paradigm Sports —the agency representing McGregor—won a ruling against Pacquiao after negotiations for a bout between him and Mikey Garcia through Paradigm fell through last year. The ruling orders Pacquiao (44) to pay 5 1 million dollars back to Paradigm as well as additional attorney fees up to 2 million dollars. McGregor later went on record saying: “Legal fees are heavy but that’s what we do Heavy weight operations.”

He then pivoted from discussing the court victory over Pacquiao and directed his attention towards Lobov with whom he has been entangled in similar proceedings following some public criticisms by McGregor himself in recent months – referring to Lobov (a Russian fighter featured on season 22 of The Ultimate Fighter) as “a rat” and an “uncooked sausage of a thing.” After lobbing insults at Lobov, it appears he wants more than just words — warning him there will be repercussions if any money is owed: “Rartem you already owe me two rounds of court fees awarded by the judge … There will be judgment put on your home as this progresses because I know…”

Despite still being embroiled with lawsuits involving both fighters, McGregor made sure not take away from praising Pacquaio’s legacy calling him “awesome,” though clarifying that even legends must still honor their obligations: “Ye no [Pacquaio] is awesome…He still owes the dough but lad” Conor ended off his tweet with an ominous threat against both fighters again reminding them who they were dealing with when taking him on legally: “[I’ll] blow [Pacquaio’s] head off with a back hand in bare knuckle”

It appears this isn’t going away anytime soon – especially since it seems like everyone involved knows they’re dealing with someone not willing back down or accept anything less than what they believe they are owed whether it be monetary compensation or something else entirely remains unknown for now; but one thing is certain – Conor isn’t playing games here!


That may be true, but at least Pacquiao had legal representation and resources on his side whereas Lobov has no formal training in law.

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