The most “Notorious” UFC fighter, Conor McGregor is back. And his return will not be against any slouch. #5 UFC lightweight Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will welcome back the former double-champ on Jan. 18 in Las Vegas, NV at the T-Mobile Arena. And to many fans surprise, it will be a five round welterweight bout. So sit back and enjoy our UFC 246 McGregor vs Cerrone Predictions.

McGregor vs Cerrone Predictions

If you’re thinking to lay some cash down on the line, make sure you take a few details into consideration. Cowboy holds the record for the most finishes in UFC history at 15. He also holds the record for most Fight of the Night awards at 16. In short, he’s dangerous, experienced and exciting. That last attribute is not always great when placing a wager on MMA. Excitement can sometimes end in upset.

As for McGregor, there is some question marks and concerns to consider when playing the favorite. Conor has been out of the sport for over two years. Probabilities do not fare well for fighters coming in with “ring rust.” Also, one of McGregor’s major flaws is one of Cowboy’s specialties – the ground.

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Conor McGregor’s Path to Victory

The double-champ knows how to pull out victories. The usual tactic starts with psychological warfare, which we know Cerrone has been susceptible to in the past. McGregor is most dangerous in two areas – the counter and the outside distance striking. His knowledge of space and catching his opponent right at the end of a punch or kick is his bread and butter. If McGregor can keep it standing, and get Cowboy to play the bull, he should be able to finish in spectacular fashion.

Donald Cerrone’s Path to Victory

Cowboy is a father now and hopefully that new found patience is on display when McGregor provokes him, as he most certainly will. Cerrone has the reach, however leveraging his muay thai skills on the outside is not the smart game plan. He can use his violent leg kicks that can pay dividends in the later rounds. Which brings us to the best gameplan. Grapple your ass off and soften him up in the clinch, followed by leg kicks on the exit. If he can parlay Conor’s stamina problems and get it to the ground, it’s game over for “double champ.”

McGregor vs Cerrone Predictions

Conor McGregor is the unanimous favorite, and I have to agree with most oddsmakers. McGregor chose this fight for a reason. Cowboy is well-rounded, but not dangerous enough standing. Nor does Cowboy have the wrestling to give McGregor trouble as Khabib did. McGregor has probably took notice of Cowboy’s quick response to verbal assaults. This plays right into Conor’s hand. Second round TKO for McGregor.

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