MMA fans around the world have been buzzing recently about the potential matchup between Matt Brown and Conor McGregor. After Brown tied the all time record for UFC knockouts with his one punch finish of Court McGee at UFC Charlotte this past Saturday, McGregor took to Twitter talking about Brown’s record setting moment while adding “I hold eight knockouts inside the UFC currently at 34 years of age, I’m getting this record.”

Brown responded with “I’ll fight you for it” which immediately got plenty of attention on social media. On the latest episode of The Fighter vs The Writer, Brown said that he would absolutely entertain that matchup especially now that McGregor has laid claim to the record he already holds.

“It’s crazy it kind of blew up,” Brown said. “I’d fight him for it. Wouldn’t you? It’s like ‘F*** yeah bro. You want the record? Come and get it b****.'”

As much as Brown would love a chance to clash with McGregor, he is not sold that the former two-division UFC champion will ever actually compete again. While McGregor coached an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter and plans to face Michael Chandler in the near future, he still hasn’t re-entered USADA’s anti doping program which requires athletes drop out for six months before being cleared to compete again.

“To add to that,” says Brown, “I think [McGregor’s] recent chatter about fighting again is really just about keeping himself relevant, rather than making a serious push to return after suffering a devastating broken leg in his last outing in 2021”.

“I’m pretty well convinced he’s not even going to ever fight again” adds Brown.

“He likes being heard; He likes people talking about him; He likes having his ego boosted – More power to him!” exclaims brown. “He doesn’t have too fight – He has more money then I’ll probably ever make in my life so good for him.”

“But chances are slim if you’re asking me honestly”, speculates Brown Regarding McGregor’s comeback.

If McGregor does plan on returning into competition, Brown is more than happy to welcome him back or clash with him once Chandler gets his chance, even jokingly offering to fight without USADA drug testing guidelines, given he’s granted equal advantage as his opponent..

“To be fair, money talks,” Brown said. “With Conor, I think it is a great matchup, to be honest, whether the fight realistically actually happens or not. I think it’s a great matchup. I think it would be an exciting matchup. I think the fans would freaking love to see it.”


“McGregor is overrated and doesn’t belong in the octagon anything – He hasn’t fought in a while and he’s only talked his way to the top, not by winning fights” counters another fan

“Let’s get real — Conor has more money than sense. All this talk of him wanting a fight with Matt Brown is just that — talk. He won’t fight again” argues another fan

“The fans are loving this potential showdown between McGregor and Matt Brown. Let’s hope we actually get to see it!” suggests another MMA enthusiast

“I don’t know if McGregor really wants this fight or not, but if he doesn’t then I say let somebody else have their shot at Brown! We need new contenders for titles!” states yet another MMA follower.

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