It’s official. Dana White has announced that Jorge Masvidal will get his title shot against welterweight champ Kamaru Usman in July for UFC Fight Week. So now we bring you the Masvidal vs Usman Prediction to help you make cash. It shouldn’t be a surprise as the “BMF Champ” has become one of the biggest names in the sport, having a breakout 2019. Now add the fact that the contender and champ have bad blood. The match-up is a no-brainer for the UFC.

The match-up is a very intriguing one, as Masvidal has shown an untouchable aura about him in the last year. While the champ has also been dominant against all opponents not named Colby Covington, and even then the champ got the finish in the final round.

Masvidal vs Usman Prediction

Kamaru Usman’s Path to Victory

The Nigerian Nightmare is undefeated in the UFC, with 15 straight. He also captured the title and defended it in a dominant fashion. I credit these accolades to his phenomenal wrestling base, paired with relentless high pressure and violent stand-up. He’s not throwing Diaz slaps, they are digging body shots, and heavy hooks from all angles. Sometimes the best defense is offense and that is Kamaru in a nutshell. Except it usually isn’t when you’re fighting a counter puncher like Masvidal. The champ will need to take it to the ground without eating an Askren knee blessing or a Darren Till left hook baptism. We saw Usman’s ability to take damage against Covington and continue a pace, so bets are he will get it to the ground. If that’s the case, the champ will be able to nullify Masvidal’s main weapon.

If you have your own Masvidal vs Usman Prediction, let us know in the comments below.

Jorge Masvidal’s Path to Victory

Cuban Jesus is on perhaps the biggest resurgence of any UFC career. Three KOs in a row, in headline events. One being the new record for fastest KO in UFC history. Masvidal credits his success to his new ‘killer’ mentality. His confidence, performances and brash responses all seem to coincide with the new Jorge – proving MMA is more mental than most realize. Even if Masvidal does not have the tools to deal with the smothering ground game of Usman, he has the mindset to starch the champ. Masvidal is fired up to take out “the owl” as he labels the champ. His comments are reminiscent to his build up with Askren. “I don’t like this dude” is the same words he used prior to his flying knee KO. If Masvidal can keep the match from going to the ground early, I see him hurting Usman in the counter shots.

Usman vs Masvidal Prediction

On paper the answer is clear, Usman with the larger toolkit. The big question mark is the mentality of Masvidal. Sometimes belief can create unthinkable success, as we’ve seen in the past with underdogs like Matt Serra over Georges St. Pierre. On the other hand, you’re playing the long odds betting against Usman. I’m going with the safe bet – Usman by unanimous decision. As Masvidal describes it, a win by ‘crotch sniffing.

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