Chaos Ensues During Luke Rockhold and Mike Perry’s BKFC 41 Staredown.

The buildup to tonight’s highly anticipated Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) 41 main event between former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold and knockout artist, Mike Perry was quite the spectacle. In an effort to promote their upcoming showdown, both men recently faced off in a staredown during fight week which quickly escalated into chaos.

In what began as an ordinary staredown ended with Rockhold jokingly putting his opponent in a choke. The hilarious moment happened after both fighters squared off for the cameras and began exchanging heated words back and forth. As tensions continued to rise, Rockhold began motioning for Perry to come closer; seemingly taunting him into taking one step forward at a time until he eventually had his neck within reach of the 6’3″ former champion. That’s when it all went down Hill for “Platinum”.

Rockhold put his arm around Perry’s neck in what appeared to be a rear-naked choke before releasing him from it just as quickly as he applied it. Neither man took any offense whatsoever but instead showed great sportsmanship while still playing up their intense rivalry during this highly entertaining build up process leading into Saturday night’s main event at BKFC 41. We can only imagine how wild things will get once they actually face off inside of the ring!
While there are sure to be more humorous moments throughout fight week between these two polar opposites, we can expect nothing short of fireworks when they finally meet in combat tonight! This matchup has been months in the making with trash talk by both men escalating since January 2021 when they first announced that they would be fighting each other at BKFC 41. Both fighters have gone on record stating that this is going to be one of their most exciting fights yet so expectations are high heading into this clash between two elite level mixed martial artists! Not many fights have generated such large scale hype surrounding them like this one so if you’re looking for something special Saturday night then keep your eyes peeled on this electrifying championship bout because anything could happen here!

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