Logan Paul is taking no chances when it comes to his upcoming boxing match with Dillon Danis. Ahead of the Oct. 14 bout, which will take place in Manchester, Paul revealed on his Impaulsive podcast that he has included a six-figure penalty clause in their agreement in case Danis pulls out of the fight.

Paul had reason to be concerned about Danis’ reliability after he withdrew from a scheduled fight with KSI 10 days before it was meant to take place last January. His manager Mams Taylor claimed at the time that Danis had struggled to make weight and was underprepared for the bout. Since then, Danis has not participated in any combat sports contests since June 2019 and according to Paul he is “broke” and a “parasite” of the MMA and combat world—likely contributing factors why Paul chose him as an opponent for this upcoming match.

The penalty clause would require Danis to pay $100,000 if he pulls out due to injury, although it must first be verified by a doctor chosen by both parties involved for it to come into effect. Though many have speculated whether or not this would actually be enough incentive for danis not withdraw from such a high-profile fight against an established celebrity like Logan Paul, some have argued that Paul may have ulterior motives behind wanting this particular matchup given how outspokenly critical he has been of danis prior engagements—or lack thereof–in combat sports contests recently.

In addition fears over whether or not danis can afford such penalty should something go wrong leading up to their scheduled meeting at Manchester Arena later this year remain present despite its inclusion on paper yet however paul remains adamant that daniss legacy as well as name will disappear should they meet inside the ring on october 14th emphasizing just how serious hes taking things all while giving fans plenty reasons as why they should look forward towards what could very well end up being one of most memorable nights modern prizefighting history .It’s clear that Paul is committed to doing everything he can to ensure the fight proceeds as scheduled, and it appears that Danis will have no choice but to comply or risk being liable for up to six-figures in penalties. The high stakes of the match are only heightened by the fact that both fighters have been extremely vocal about their hatred towards one another and with all eyes on them when they meet inside the ring, this bout between two of combat sports most notorious names promises plenty of action for fans eagerly looking forward for October 14th.

This upcoming fight marks an unprecedented combination of celebrity boxing crossover into professional combat sports and it’s likely going to draw a massive audience from around the world. While some may be sceptical due to its novelty, there’s no doubt that it could potentially set new standards for what we can expect from such matchups going forward. Although Logan Paul has made sure his interests are guaranteed with a six-figure penalty clause should Dillon Danis pull out last minute, come Oct. 14th everyone involved will need bring their A game if they want make this slug fest one remember forever in modern prizefighting history.


It’s interesting that Logan Paul is taking so many precautions with this fight. He should know very well that Dillon Danis won’t just back out because of a six figure penalty clause

I find it hard to believe Danis is really “broke” as Paul has claimed, he doesn’t seem the type who would take such a big risk for little financial gain. After all this time off from fighting, we’ll have to wait and see if Danis can still perform well in the ring. That being said, Paul also needs to make sure he brings his A-game too – there’s no way he can underestimate Danis.

I’m not sure if Logan knows what he’s getting himself into with the penalty clause or if it was even necessary in the first place. Especially considering how much money a celebrity like him could potentially stand lose are should something go wrong leading up their meeting at Manchester Arena later year.

I think people tend to forget that both fighters have put themselves on high stakes due to their outspoken hatred towards one another- so its going be interesting how they will handle situation inside ring come October 14th.

Paul may be using this match as an opportunity redeem himself after his last boxing match- I mean let’s be honest here: having Dillon daniss legacy name disappear forever would certainly do wonders amongst MMA fans !

The novelty of crossover between celebrity and professional combat sports makes this matchup somewhat unpredictable but regardless of outcome both parties will need pay attention details before sign any contracts next time around!

This six figure penalty clause might end up being nothing more than gimmick from paul merely trying distract daniss focus away fight itself – however whatever reasons behind its inclusion one thing certain: we could potentially witness historic night prizefighting history october 14th .

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