Kron Gracie has been out of the fight game for over three years, but now he’s ready to make his return at UFC 288. In an effort to explain why it took him so long and what changes he believes are needed in the sport, Kron recently opened up about his hiatus from MMA and defended one-round fights as a way to “change the sport for the better.”

It has been 1,300 days since Kron last fought in the UFC, a loss against Cub Swanson back in October 2019. During this time away from competing, he had to adjust to life in Montana after moving there from California and setting up his own gym. He also spent much of that time getting acquainted with his new Cane Corso dog.

“It’s not something I chose to have a break without fighting but life happens,” said Kron on Troca o Franca podcast. “When you’re fighting and competing since you were 9 that’s something I had to do get to this point…I did what I had to do and now I’m ready fight.”

Kron is certainly no stranger when it comes media attention – being born into combat sports royalty can come with its own set of expectations – yet he made very few appearances over these past three years or posted anything on social media other than 100 photos (most without captions). When asked why by Troca o Franca, Kron replied: “Since I was a kid everybody wants know about my life every competition…feel like I’ve done lot for sport already talking what [I’m] doing talking what [I’m] thinking [Time] comes where don’t have anything new say you know…My life has always been like that – competing training – how many times do have talk training what doing? Same thing…Nothing changed.”
Kron will be stepping back into octagon Saturday night at UFC 288 face Charles Jourdain New Jersey The 34 year old fighter ADCC gold medalist multiple jiu-jitsu champion said Jourdain best fighter offering start more active stretch organization “didn’t want wait too long wanted take soon go back fighting” explained despite plans next years still had take get machine running again Every fight teaches little bit results not went planned always evaluate see happened lesson learned Swanson Tampa was fights death heart mind always fought kill be killer never thought time Most sports events shorten length due coronavirus pandemic MMA same should shortened rounds added two extra certain bouts belts headliners Asked 10 minutes clash Jourdain said first need order make difference ask What really think needs 15 25 minute rounds change result bring finishes feet ground when round break time think coach brings water changes longer between guy difficult harder impossible achieve believes would change better Intelligence grows adjust rules Fans appreciate grappling more Robert Whittaker Yoel Romero competitive 25 one finish chances them intelligence grows adjust rules Sport definitely wasn’t beginning fighters didn’t level thing smarter Fans smarter

Gracie closed by saying: “What really think MMA needs is instead more rounds 15 25 minute rounds think that’s something would change result bring more finishes feet ground when have rounds break time think coach brings water changes no longer between guy difficult harder impossible achieve believe would change better When fans intelligence grow can adjust rules Fans appreciate grappling more Robert Whittaker Yoel Romero both fights very competitive If 25 minute one round believe could opportunities them intelligence grow can adjust rules Sport definitely wasn’t beginning fighters didn’t enough level even thing Smart fans smart Enough Said!


What are you talking about? He was trying to work on his skills, the UFC should be grateful that he is returning at all. His reasoning makes perfect sense.

He has been training for years, so obviously he can make something big happen with this return. Don’t underestimate him just because of his hiatus.

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