It’s official, and as usual we have your Khabib vs Ferguson Predictions and picks. Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov have announced that they have both signed a bout agreement for April 18th in Brooklyn, NY. Not to worry you, but this is the fifth time the two have been scheduled to bout. Let’s just hope there is no injuries on either side this time and we can finally put to rest who’s the ‘true’ best lightweight in the world.

Khabib vs Ferguson Predictions

Tony Ferguson’s Path to Victory

Ferguson is as unorthodox as it gets. In personality, in training, and in fight style. This makes it near impossible to put a game plan together against “El Cucuy.” Riding an impressive 12 fight UFC win streak, Ferguson has not lost since 2012. During that run he’s captured the interim title while taking out former champions and contenders. In his last outing against Cowboy Cerrone, Tony somehow proved to have become even more dangerous. Using elbows, knees, awkward switching, he quickly and literally sliced through Cerrone to get the second round TKO doctor Stoppage. If Ferguson brings the same striking to the Champ, no amount of grappling can save Khabib. Ferguson will also welcome the takedown as a 10th planet black belt under Eddie Bravo, we will see rubber guard, upward elbows and sneaky submission attempts off his back.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Path to Victory

If you haven’t heard Khabib is a sambo specialist with an unstoppable wrestling takedown. Undefeated against 28 fighters, (including Conor McGregor) who were unable to stop the takedown. The big question on fans mind is what happens when he fights someone that wants to go the the ground? Well, he has taken down black belts like Rafael dos Anjos for three rounds while negating the submission game. Besides his power to control the bout for all five rounds, Khabib has become a serious threat standing. He may not be an orthodox boxer with a crisp jab, but his overhands have proven to be a good compliment when chained to his takedown threats. Khabib doesn’t have as many weapons as Ferguson, but he has the ones that matter, octagon control and heavy hands.

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Khabib vs Ferguson Prediction

I’m usually one to default to the wrestler on close fights like this. The problem is that a high level submission artist happen to be the counter to the unstoppable takedown. We’re predicting Tony Ferguson by fourth round triangle choke. I do not see the champ KO’ing Ferguson standing, so it will go to the ground and to many fans surprise, Ferguson will have the advantage on the ground. We’re seeing history repeat itself as a dominating Russian Sambo champion falls prey to an unassuming triangle – throwback to Fedor vs. Werdum.

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