When Jon Jones was asked about a potential fight against Russian heavyweight Sergei Pavlovich, the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion’s response was short and to the point. “I’d rather retire than fight that guy,” Jones answered bluntly.

It seems like Jones has had enough of elite-level competition and is planning on exiting the sport at its highest level if he can’t find any suitable opponents. This isn’t something you hear often from champions, who usually look to take on all challengers in order to prove their mettle and cement their legacies as all-time greats. But it looks like Jon Jones is content with walking away if he doesn’t get what he wants out of this next chapter of his career.

For fans of the sport expecting another run from one of MMA’s most decorated fighters, this news may come as a bitter pill to swallow. After spending much of his UFC championship reign fighting lower-tier foes who were simply no match for him while waiting for bigger names such as Daniel Cormier or Alexander Gustafsson (both have since retired) to make their way back into contention, it appears that even those opportunities have dried up for “Bones” – leaving him with only one option remaining: retirement.

Of course, when an athlete hangs up his gloves before having a chance to fully explore what else they can accomplish in an already illustrious career it leaves us wanting more; wishing we could have seen what could have been had things unfolded differently. It should come as no surprise then that many are feeling despondent about this development despite understanding why it may be necessary under current circumstances; either way there’s just not much else left for Jon at light heavyweight now given how few top contenders remain due largely in part because of how long the champ has been ruling over 205 lbs divisional waters – six years by last count!
The future remains unclear but one thing is certain: if Jon does decide go through with retirement instead taking on Sergei Pavlovich then his legacy will be cemented among some greatest fighters ever lived regardless – a feat which only few champions ever achieve within their respective sports so kudos must still go out there too!


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