Jack Hermansson was just days away from a highly anticipated main event fight against Brendan Allen at the UFC card on June 3rd. Unfortunately, this matchup has been canceled due to an ankle injury suffered by Jack Hermansson in training camp.

The injury occurred last week which prompted doctors to recommend that he take some time off to heal and avoid further damage. The UFC had already booked the fight with Allen and were forced to make alternative plans for the headliner bout of the evening.

Hermannsson will be sidelined for eight weeks, meaning his return is set for sometime around late July or early August. He expressed his disappointment on Instagram after hearing news of the cancellation: “I’m really sorry guys I worked very hard (for) this fight but unfortunately I have an ankle injury that requires me 8 weeks off so I can’t compete 🙁 wish it went differently but life isn’t always perfect so now we move on #NeverGiveUp”. This statement certainly speaks volumes about Hermannsson’s character as well as his commitment to competing at the highest level possible even despite physical adversity.

The UFC has yet to officially announce who will replace Hermannsson in facing Allen at June 3rd’s card; however several names are being thrown around including Tom Breese and Marvin Vettori who were both recently seen fighting in April cards. Those fighters have not yet replied regarding their possible involvement in June 3rd’s event although neither seems too far away from competition considering their recent activity on short notice fights over those past couple months indicating they are ready and willing if given the opportunity . Being no stranger himself for short notice opportunities, however it looks like there is still hope Hermannsen may still manage a replacement opponent depending on how much time he needs to recover from his injury before returning back into action later this Summer..

In any case, fans everywhere should look forward with anticipation towards what could possibly turn out being one of most interesting events come later this summer when Jack Hermansson returns back into action following sufficient recovery time!

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