Looking for a Holloway vs Volkanovski Prediction for your next wager? We have you covered with the best oddsmakers in the game. Will break the bout down by each athletes path to victory, and then our final prediction and recommendation for placing the bet.

Holloway vs Volkanovski Predictions

On the surface we have a striker (Holloway) vs. a heavy-handed wrestler (Volkanovski). Keep in mind that the stats don’t always tell the story. Considering everything this match is much closer than most oddsmakers have it, with Holloway a favorite at -161 versus Volkanovski at +131. Expect some movement in favor of Volkanovski as we get closer to the night of the fight.

Alexander Volkanovski Path to Victory

The former pro Rugby player is as athletic as they come. The contender is on an 17 fight win-streak with only 1 loss in 21 fights. In MMA this is as impressive as it gets. Doing it majority by knockout (11) is even more incredible. The fact that he has stayed under the radar this long only speaks to the depth in the featherweight division. Volkanovski has two big paths to victory – grappling and knockout power. The ladder may be negated however by the champs sharp jab, to straight. Alexander’s best bet is getting it to the ground and using his violent ground-and-pound. It’s that simple. Volkanovski can end it early with one well placed hook, however the probability is low against one of the sharpest fundamental strikers the UFC has ever seen.

Max Holloway’s Path to Victory

The champ has always figures out a way to win when defending his title. All thanks to his relentless pace of accurate strikes. Grapplers that try to go for the takedown are met with some of the best takedown defense, followed by a barrage of jabs and kicks on the exit. Holloway doesn’t need to change up much. He just needs to keep in mind that he cannot trade in the pocket for long periods with a KO artist like Volkanovski. If he keeps the contender on the outside with his superior reach, it will be a very good night for “Blessed.” If he plays in the pocket, we can see an upset. Holloway has a smart camp around him and has a high fight IQ, so I cannot foresee such a huge mistake. But then again anything is possible in MMA.

UFC 245: Holloway vs Volkanovski Prediction

Max “Blessed” Holloway by split-decision. The blessed express will continue on, but it will be a war. Holloway may get put on his back or eat some fight ending hooks, but he always bounces back. Volkanovski has not faced anyone of Holloway’s calibur and it will show in the later rounds. Unless there is a flash knockout of Holloway in the first two rounds, or Holloway gets reckless, he will win in points with a high output of combos. Put Holloway in your parlay here at WagedWar.com.

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