Max Holloway’s recent statement about being a better fighter than Alexander Volkanovski has sparked a buzz in the MMA community. As a former UFC featherweight champion, Holloway has proven his skills inside the Octagon, and his confidence in his abilities is unwavering.

In an interview with ESPN, Holloway stated, “If I didn’t believe I was a better fighter than him, then why am I fighting in the same weight class as the guy?” He went on to say that it’s natural for fighters to believe they are better than their opponents, and that’s what fuels their competitive spirit. According to Holloway, accepting that an opponent might be better would be a sign that a fighter doesn’t belong in the sport and should consider retirement. He emphasized that fighters should always have the mindset that they are the best and strive to prove it in every fight.

Holloway’s confidence is backed up by his impressive fighting style. Known for his striking prowess, Holloway has an uncanny ability to control the distance and pace of a fight. His striking accuracy, volume, and diverse striking techniques make him a formidable opponent for anyone in the featherweight division. With a record of 22 wins and 6 losses, Holloway has faced some of the toughest fighters in the division and has consistently displayed his skills and determination to come out on top.

Holloway’s rivalry with Volkanovski dates back to their first fight in 2019, where Volkanovski defeated Holloway via unanimous decision to capture the featherweight title. The two fighters faced off again in a rematch in 2020, with Volkanovski once again winning by split decision. Despite the losses, Holloway remains confident that he is the better fighter.

Holloway’s belief in his abilities is not unfounded. He holds several UFC records, including the most significant strikes landed in a single fight (445) and the most significant strikes landed in UFC featherweight history (1,627). His striking accuracy of 42.5% is also higher than Volkanovski’s 36.9%. Holloway’s striking is a key weapon in his arsenal and has earned him a reputation as one of the best strikers in the UFC.

Apart from his striking, Holloway’s well-rounded skills make him a complete fighter. He has a solid ground game with grappling and submission skills, and his cardio and durability are second to none. Holloway’s ability to maintain a relentless pace throughout a fight and his ability to absorb damage while still pressing forward are remarkable.

Holloway’s confidence in his abilities is not without its critics, as some may argue that his losses to Volkanovski are evidence that Volkanovski is the better fighter. However, Holloway remains undeterred and is determined to prove himself in their potential third fight. He has been vocal about his desire for a trilogy fight with Volkanovski to settle the score once and for all.

In conclusion, Max Holloway’s recent statement about being a better fighter than Alexander Volkanovski reflects his unwavering confidence and competitive spirit. As a former champion with an impressive fighting style, Holloway has proven himself to be one of the best fighters in the featherweight division. While opinions may vary, Holloway’s belief in his abilities and his determination to prove himself in a potential third fight with Volkanovski are indicative of his relentless pursuit of greatness inside the Octagon.

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