The end of UFC 288 saw a number of fighters on the card receive medical suspensions due to injuries sustained in the octagon. Gilbert Burns, who suffered a shoulder injury during his fight with Belal Muhammad, was among those suspended indefinitely pending doctor’s clearance.

Burns, who is no stranger to injuries in the cage, has had to deal with numerous issues throughout his career. The Brazilian was visibly dejected during the five-round affair against Muhammad and ultimately lost via unanimous decision. With this loss added to his record, he may be forced into an extended period away from competition regardless of whether or not he receives doctor’s clearance for his shoulder injury.

Muhammad meanwhile will certainly reap some benefits from his victory over Burns as it has all but guaranteed him a welterweight title shot against either champion Leon Edwards or challenger Colby Covington. His impressive performance over Burns could prove vital when it comes time for UFC matchmakers to determine which fighter gets the next crack at becoming welterweight kingpin.

In total 14 fighters on the 12-bout card received medical suspensions including notable names like Derrick Lewis and Trevin Giles who both secured victories on Saturday night but were handed indefinite terms before their respective fights even began due to their own pre-existing conditions which needed further examination by doctors first and foremost before they can consider stepping back in action again inside the octagon anytime soon if ever again depending on what exactly showed up on their scans results say about them medically fitness wise speaking.. It remains yet seen how long each of these athletes will need out of competition in order for them too make full recoveries .

Outside of those two heavyweights though most other competitors were given relatively short term suspensions ranging anywhere between 45 days to just three weeks off meaning that we could see these athletes already training hard and looking towards future bouts sooner than later once they get cleared by doctors after such periods are up .

Whether or not any significant changes come about regarding this news ,especially when it comes down too Gilbert Burn’s case , is still yet uncertain & only time will tell really tell us what lies ahead for all involved parties here given that new information arises every day so fans should stay tuned !


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