Are you ready for the big UFC matchup between Strickland and Imavov? As you prepare for the event, why not take your excitement to a new level with fantasy betting? Fantasy betting is becoming increasingly popular as it allows fans to make real money from predicting the outcomes of fights. In this blog post, we’ll provide a detailed guide outlining how to go about fantasy betting on UFC Strickland vs. Imavov, including which fighters to choose, what types of wagers to make, and where to find the best odds.

The first step in fantasy betting is deciding who to select for your team. In this case, it’s important to note that Strickland is the favorite, while Imavov is the underdog; however, keep in mind that underdogs can win! To help you decide who might be more likely to come out victorious in this match-up, consider these factors: Strickland has won five of his last six fights via knockout or submission; he also has superior striking power and wrestling ability compared to Imavov. On the other hand, Imavov has never been knocked out or submitted and he has a higher ranking than Strickland in several key categories such as takedown defense and submission defense.

Once you’ve made your selection for who will win between Strickland and Imavov, you can move onto other types of wagers such as parlays, over/under bets and prop bets. Parlays are when you combine two or more bets into one larger bet; this type of bet offers higher payouts but also carries greater risk than individual wagers. Over/under bets involve predicting whether an event will occur over or under a certain threshold (e.g., how many rounds will it take for one fighter to win). Prop bets are when you wager on an outcome other than just who wins or loses (e.g., which round will end in a knockout).
When deciding how much money to put down on any given bet, always remember that there’s no sure thing! Be sure not to risk too much money if you don’t have enough saved up—the most successful sports gamblers bet only what they can afford to lose! Additionally, make sure to shop around for the best odds before placing any wagers; different sportsbook sites often offer different lines so it pays off (literally!) to do some research before placing your bets.
Finally, don’t forget about all the other fights on the card! There are plenty of opportunities for fantasy betting beyond just Strickland vs Imavov; take advantage of them by researching each fight individually and making informed decisions about which fighters have better chances at success based on their stats and history prior matches.

Fantasy betting on UFC events like Strickland vs Imavov can be incredibly exciting and rewarding—but it’s important that you do your research beforehand so that you know exactly who you should pick and how much money you should bet on them. By taking into account factors like past performance records and odds offered by various bookmakers, as well as considering all of the other fights taking place during UFC events like this one—you’ll be able improve your chances of winning big! Good luck!

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