If you’re on Twitter, check that handle before responding to anyone. UFC President Dana White has just learned the hard way, falling prey to a fake Ariel Helwani Account (@arieIheIvani), announcing a salacious breaking news headline involving UFC 249 . If you look closely at Ariel’s handle, you’ll note the v instead of a w in “Helwani.”

As you can see in the tweet, White verifies that UFC 249 is still a go, despite his conversation earlier today with good friend and president Donald Trump. Reports from multiple outlets (CBS Sports) are citing the president as requesting a targeted return in August or September. The sad part is that White is also confirming that Khabib is still not on the card. With so little time left and travel restrictions only further constricting, the fight will likely be taking place on U.S. soil.

Many have noted that even with travel shutdown in Khabib’s home of Dagestan, Russia, he does have the option of a private jet to reach the states, leaving more questions as to why Dana would say they’ve moved on from the main event.

With only two weeks until the card, the event is now overdue for solidification as promo week roles in. With the loss of the headlining champ, the UFC will need a hail mary line-up to deal with the disappointment of what most fans are calling the biggest fight of the year.

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