It’s no secret that Conor McGregor is a polarizing figure in combat sports, but the UFC star made headlines this past Friday after stepping into the ring to confront Mike Perry following his TKO win over former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold. On Monday, McGregor commented on his appearance via Instagram and sounded enthusiastic about the idea of competing in bare knuckle boxing – possibly even against Perry.

“Call me ‘Slicey Bare Paw’,” wrote McGregor. “Styles make fights as well as rulesets and everything. If you are scared go to church… I was called into the bare knuckle ring last night – I fear nothing – No man that breathes air, I only fear God and abide by God – if God guides me to a professional bare knuckle fight in my time for my new world title, then so be it! Great night last night! It’s real interesting out there for sure… Congrats to all of the fighters.”

McGregor referenced two bouts at BKFC 41 including Eddie Alvarez defeating Chad Mendes in their co-main event bout with a split decision victory. Of course, it was also just over three years ago when McGregor faced off against Floyd Mayweather Jr. at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for one of the most lucrative pay per views events ever held across combat sports history.

Currently set for a UFC fight with Michael Chandler, should McGregor dabble into Bare Knuckle Boxing then he wouldn’t be alone given stars such as Paulie Malignaggi have already competed under its banner while other prominent names such as Anderson Silva have been rumored to follow suit soon enough. But what makes things intriguing here is that Perry won Friday night’s main event and soundly defeated former Middleweight World Champion Luke Rockhold via an impressive first round TKO finish which could potentially spark interest from “The Notorious”.

As exciting as this potential matchup may sound though, it seems unlikely that we’ll see these two face off anytime soon due do various contractual obligations still surrounding both men; yet according ot Mcgregor himself during his Instagram post he remains open minded about fighting again professionally outside of MMA albeit under different rule sets or formats than those found inside The Octagon..

“Who knows but God and I trust God,” said Mcgregor before closing out his post—leaving many fans wondering if they could legitimately witness “Slicey Bear Paw” compete against Mike Perry somewhere down the line? For now however we can only continue speculating how this potential matchup would progress were it ever booked among future cards put forth by BKFC or any other respective promotions hosting similar style events moving forward


No chance — there’s no amount of training that’ll make up for the fact that Mike will be able to hit harder than him every time.

That’s because you don’t understand technique — Conor has skillful moves that will help him dodge blows from Mike and then get back in for some powerful hits himself.

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