Michael Chandler is no stranger to UFC fights, having won the Bellator Lightweight World Championship three times. On Wednesday the TUF 31 trailer dropped and at the end of it McGregor and Chandler had a heated exchange. McGregor gave Chandler an unexpected shove that made headlines.

During an interview with ESPN, Michael Chandler responded to the footage of Conor McGregor shoving him: “I barely felt it”.

Chandler continued, saying that he has been around some serious fighters before. He believes that what happened between himself and Conor was not as serious as it looked in the video footage. According to him, they both knew when filming stopped they would still be friends outside of their competitive nature.

“It’s nothing like we had a real altercation,” said Chandler.“At first I thought he was going to punch me honestly but then I realized he just wanted to get my attention for dramatic effect.”

“We all know how passionate Conor is about this sport so I understand why he did what he did”

“It’s all part of entertainment,”

Chandler says his relationship with McGregor goes beyond their professional relationship as fighters since they have known each other since 2012 and their history together goes back further than their careers in combat sports.

When asked about his reaction when Mcgregor shoved him on Wednesday , Chandlers response showed admiration for The Notorious One’s passion for fight promotion . He stated : ” We all know how passionate Conor is about this sport so I understand why he did what he did .”

Chandler also talked about McGregor’s influence in the fight business and how he has changed the game over the years, citing that Conor is a huge part of why MMA is as popular as it is today.

The Bellator Lightweight Champion also expressed his enthusiasm for their upcoming fight. He said he was looking forward to finally get into the octagon with one of his longtime idols and believes this will be an epic event for MMA fans all around the world.

When asked if there would be any trash talk before their showdown, Chandler simply stated: “I’m confident in my abilities, let’s just put it that way”.

It is clear from Michael Chandler’s attitude and words that he takes great pride in being a UFC fighter and respects Conor McGregor as both an opponent and friend. With so much hype surrounding their upcoming matchup , it’s sure to be an entertaining bout no matter who emerges victorious .

McGregor vs. Chandler promises to be one of 2023’s hottest fights, with both men bringing a unique combination of skill, finesse, and tenacity into their battle — making it almost impossible not to tune in when they meet later this year.


Fans#4: McGregor has an advantage with his power and speed, but we’ll see how well Chandler can handle himself against someone of that caliber.

Fans#5: He has proven himself in Bellator before, so it’s not like this won’t be anything new for him either. It could go either way.

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