According to coach Eric Albarracin, Aljamain Sterling should thank Henry Cejudo for their UFC 288 fight helping bring in 700,000 PPV buys. After a stunning knockout on March 6th, 2021 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, Cejudo was crowned the new bantamweight champion of the world. The fight between two of MMA’s biggest stars was one that fans couldn’t wait to watch.

“Aljamain Sterling should give some props to Henry Cejudo for bringing in an impressive number of PPV buys,” said Albarracin. “We’re talking about close to 700k people tuning in for that fight alone! That’s massive.”

Cejudo Coach to Ariel Helwani

The popularity of these two fighters brought viewers from around the world and many believe it played a major role in the event shattering its own records. UFC 288 generated more pay-per-view revenue than any other single event ever held by any major promotion company.

“I’m sure this was a great deal for everyone involved,” said Albarracin. “Not only did they get paid well but it also put their names out there even further and helped increase their fan base.”

Cejudo and Sterling had already earned themselves quite a following prior to stepping into the octagon together; however, after putting on such an exciting match with so much on the line – including title contention – both competitors truly made their mark as champions.

“You don’t just stumble upon success overnight,” continued Albarracin. “It takes hard work and dedication from both you and your team if you want something like this; which is why Aljamain [Sterling] should really be thanking Henry [Cejudo] right now for helping make this happen.”

Aljamain Sterling was quick to thank his coaches and team after defeating Cejudo. In an Instagram post following the fight, Sterling wrote: “While I am happy with what we accomplished and achieved with this fight, I think we owe it all to our amazing coaches who have been guiding us ever since we started training together.”

It is clear that both fighters are immensely proud of the achievement they shared at UFC 288. With such a successful event under their belts, there will surely be more high profile fights in store for these two MMA stars.

Albarracin believes like any other professional sport, MMA needs big names and superstars to grow its fan base. He also believes that while Aljamain Sterling should take much deserved credit for his victory over Henry Cejudo, he should remain thankful for the help that got him into this position.

“The next step is building upon this success,” said Albarracin. “Now Aljamain [Sterling] must stay focused on continuing to train hard and give 100% every single time he steps into the octagon; because no matter what you face out there you always need to be prepared.”

“No matter what you face out there you always need to be prepared.” – Eric Albarracin

As UFC 288 demonstrated so clearly, anything can happen once two athletes enter the octagon – but dedicated preparation can make all the difference when fighting against another top-tier competitor like Henry Cejudo.

Whether Aljamain Sterling continues his winning streak or not one thing remains true; he owes a lot of thanks to those who made it possible – including coach Eric Albarracin and even Henry Cejudo himself.

The recognition earned by both contenders following UFC 288 proved just how powerful a successful fight night between two well-known athletes can be expanding their reach beyond borders while boosting pay-per-view revenue as well as driving interest in mainstream media coverage. With growing interest in mixed martial arts comes increased opportunities for fans from across the world tune in watch their favorite fighters compete live or via PPV events—all helping build up towards an exciting future of combat sports worldwide!


2. It was clear that the two fighters had earned a following prior to the match, but after this fight they cemented their place as champions

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