If you’re trying to find the answer to “can you bet on UFC fights online”, the answer may surprise you, as it varies, based on your geolocation. Gambling online is still illegal in most of the U.S. However fantasy sports is a form of betting that is legal in most of the United States. Because it is more of a game of skill, betting on UFC fights online is legal when it is done in a parlay style wagers with multiple data points.

You may be wondering, what does that mean exactly? Glad you asked. It means that instead of betting on a single bout with no caveats, such as choosing between McGregor vs. Cowboy, and if you’re correct, you’re paid. That would likely fall under gambling online and is different from fantasy betting. In fantasy betting you are picking multiple athletes on your roster, as you would in a parlay bet. This is seen as more of a game of skill because it requires a good amount of knowledge and experience to compete against others. So, can you bet on UFC fights online? Yes, on WagedWar.com you can.

Here on WagedWar.com we offer three ways of playing fantasy sports, all requiring a line-up of athletes to choose on each event. As of now it’s a standard line-up of six athletes. Each athlete will have a base of points that they will earn in victory, such as the weight class, gender and ‘points in victory,’ based on their odds. Next you will gain points based on the finish and round. The highest points will come from underdogs winning early. Amanda Nunes’ quick KO of Cris Cyborg was huge payout for our players that chose Nunes.

Can you bet on UFC Fights online

Conclusion to Can you bet on UFC Fights Online

The answer is yes! As long as you’re willing to play fantasy MMA/UFC. We make the game as intuitive as possible. You will be able to quickly leverage your MMA knowledge into large payouts on WagedWar.com. Simply checkout our active events page and start playing today.

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