Today, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) holds its 41st event in Miami, Florida. This event features a highly anticipated main card fight between welterweight standouts Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold. The battle of two seasoned veterans to determine who reigns supreme had MMA fans on the edge of their seats. With the dust now settled, we take a look at what our panel of MMA journalists has to say about this thrilling fight.

Mike Perry vs Luke Rockhold Predictions

“I’m going with Perry on this one,” says MMA Fighters‘ Joe Warnely, “He’s been known for his boxing prowess and I think he’ll be able to outstrike Rockhold.”

“Rockhold is the favorite in this matchup because of his background in mixed martial arts,” adds Cage Side Press’ John Hyland. “But I expect to see some creative stand-up striking from both fighters as they try to get an edge over each other”

CageSide Press

“Perry has more experience when it comes to bare knuckle fighting,” says Jeff Galvan from Fight Night Central.

“I believe Rockhold should be able to use his athleticism and versatility against Perry,” writes Frank Williams from The Fight League.

Final Analysis
This will be an extremely close match that could go either way but ultimately it will end up in favor of Mike Perry after three rounds. His in the pocket boxing grit enables him to control much of the exchanges throughout the fight and land cleaner strikes than his opponent.

It is apparent that both fighters have their own specialties. Unfortunately for Rockhold, his are more suited to MMA. In addition, both men have massive heart and will push through until the final bell, despite sustaining considerable damage from their adversary.

At BKFC 41 we will witness two veterans put their best foot forward which resulted in a very competitive matchup that will keep us all entertained until its conclusion.

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