Mixed martial arts legend Luke Rockhold made his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut Saturday night, taking on former UFC welterweight Paulie “The Irish Kid” Perry in the main event of BKFC 41. The fight went the full five rounds and it was a back-and-forth affair, with both men landing big shots throughout. In the end, it was Rockhold who emerged victorious by unanimous decision.

The action started quickly in round one as both fighters began to exchange punches from close range. It was Perry who had the early advantage with his quick hands and accurate combinations that seemed to catch Rockhold off guard at times. However, Rockhold would eventually settle into a rhythm and start figuring out Perry’s timing which allowed him to land some heavy shots of his own before the bell sounded for round two.

In round two, things got even more interesting as both fighters continued to trade bombs from inside the pocket. While Perry still managed to land several nice combos early on, Rockhold seemed undeterred by them and continued pushing forward while throwing hard hooks and upper cuts whenever he saw an opening in Perry’s defense. By the middle of round three it appeared that neither man wanted a break which allowed them more time to exchange leather until finally getting separated at one point when referee Todd Anderson stepped in after they became too tangled up with each other against cage wall.

As expected heading into this contest, this fight featured plenty of action all five rounds but ultimately it would be Luke Rockhold who walked away with victory due largely thanks his ability to remain calm throughout despite absorbing numerous powerful punches from Paulie “the Irish Kid” Perry during their exchanges inside pocket power boxing matches that often took place during exchanges between these two talented strikers during Round three through Round five . Ultimately its clear why Luke is so highly regarded among MMA fans around world because not only did stand tough against someone like Paulie(an incredible fighter himself) , he also showed great composure under pressure whilst staying focused enough pick up ‘W’ via Unanimous Decision come end fight . As we look forward see what else Former Middleweight Champion has store us future , its safe say we’re all excited about what lies ahead for combat sports superstar moving forward future events being held under Banner BKFC banner…

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