From one second KOs to bulldog chokes and more, here’s a rundown of the best knockouts and submissions from this past weekend.

MMA fans were treated to some amazing displays of technique over the last few days as fighters around the world put their skills on display. Whether it was a one-second knockout or ground game wizardry, there was no shortage of highlights that martial arts lovers enjoyed. Let’s break down some of these moments:

First up is one-second KO featuring American fighter Jacob Langley versus Japan’s Harumitsu Shimizu in One Warrior Series 14 (OWS14). Langley wasted no time in dispatching his opponent with an absolutely vicious right punch that sent Shimizu tumbling backwards before he could even see it coming! It goes without saying that this will be making highlight reels for years to come!

Next we have Jonny Ramondez delivering an impressive bulldog choke against MMA veteran Timur Valiev at PFL 4. This fight ended swiftly with Ramondez trapping Valiev in his unique chokehold for all but nine seconds before forcing him into submission – further cementing the young fighter’s status as one to watch out for.

Moving onto another submission we had Francisco Figueroa snagging a tight triangle choke from half guard against Ryan Spann at LFA 77. After nearly three minutes upon taking mount, Figueroa stayed patient and precise until Spann tapped out due to pressure being put on his neck muscle fibers – showcasing yet another great use of fundamentals by a seasoned vet like himself!

We also saw Michael Chandler winning via TKO against Dan Hooker at UFC 257 after only four minutes into Round 1 following some lightning fast combinations along with heavy punches that left Hooker no choice but tap out or go unconscious – proving why he is arguably still one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in UFC today!

Lastly, light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz also delivered an incredible finish when he submitted Israeli middleweight Israel Adesanya at UFC 259 after two rounds using an armbar from full guard – displaying his true versatility as an MMA masterclass athlete worthy enough for any Hall Of Fame roster!

In conclusion, these are just five examples among many others showing off how diverse combat sports can be when you’re truly focused on technicality and efficiency in order to achieve victory – something every aspiring martial artist should aspire towards if they want success within their respective disciplines!


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