Ben Rothwell has made it clear, if Alan Belcher wants to keep his BKFC heavyweight championship belt he best be prepared for a fight.

Big Ben proved he is ready to take on the challenge in his latest outing, defeating Josh Copeland by third-round TKO at BKFC 41. After being caught off guard early and taking some smaller shots throughout the fight, Rothwell managed to turn things around in the second and third rounds before Copeland’s corner called it quits between rounds.

Now 2-0 as a bare knuckle boxer with one of the wins coming via 19-second knockout, Rothwell has set himself up nicely as a contender for Belcher’s title belt. The former UFC heavyweight believes that while most of his facial damage from Saturday night came from two punches delivered within ten seconds of the bout starting, he still had to overcome more than just physical adversity during this fight.

The pressure was immense for Big Ben heading into this match as he was pegged as a 600 favorite according to oddsmakers – something which even upset him because “it’s just a greater fall [if you lose]. You lose this fight and you’re going to be talked about like the biggest loser.” Despite these thoughts entering his head though Rothwell was able to regather himself between rounds and secure victory by implementing what he knew worked best; “dude I need to win…I have a set amount of fights left in front of me and I need to win them all so I can walk away complete”.

With momentum on his side now after back-to-back victories in BKFC, Rothwell wants nothing more than another crack at Belcher who is unbeaten thus far with four fights under his belt since transitioning from MMA middleweight fighter over into bare knuckle boxing’s heavyweight division back in April 2020 (3 knockouts). While both men are willing parties when it comes down brass tacks there appears that there could be issues regarding weight class limits which each state commission sets differently – although Dave Feldman (BKFC President) has said they will follow boxing rules meaning anything above 210 pounds would qualify as ‘heavyweight’ class which would put Big Ben right around 285 pounds after cutting down slightly (compared don Belchers 220 – 230 range).

Undeterred by potential roadblocks however Ben hasn’t backed down an inch calling out Belcher directly saying: “Belcher? That’s the weight limit. I’ll be 285 dude…You’re champion of this division; you’ve got do me so shut up about it”. Who knows what implications such words may hold but one thing is for sure; make no mistake about it whether its inside or outside ring these two might soon find themselves toeing off against one another come time their respective contracts end within next few months – if not sooner!


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