Luke "Cool Hand" Sanders


Stance: Southpaw
Division: Bantamweight
Height: 5' 6"
Reach: 67"
Leg reach: 36.50
Weight: 135 lbs.
Team: Nashville MMA
Nationality: Brenham, United States
Residence: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Age: 35


Wins by KO: 8
Wins by submission: 1
Wins by decision: 4



Significant Strikes Attempted: 468
Significant Strikes Landed: 243


Takedowns Attempted: 4
Takedowns Landed: 1


Luke Sanders is an American professional mixed martial artist and former collegiate soccer player who currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight division. He began his MMA career in 2012 and has since compiled a professional record of 13 wins, 3 losses, and 0 draws. Sanders has also competed for Bellator, where he won the Bantamweight Grand Prix tournament in 2013.

Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Luke grew up playing soccer with dreams of succeeding at the college level one day. When he was only 19-years old; he moved to St Louis to further pursue those dreams after being scouted by a local community college team. Unfortunately this did not pan out as planned due to injuries limiting his time on the field but it was during this period that his interest for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) started to develop instead. After watching some UFC fights; Luke decided that this was what he wanted to pursue as a profession so began training full-time at Finney’s Hit Squad with head coach Robert Follis soon afterwards whilst working part-time jobs around town just so he could make ends meet.

In January 2015; Sanders made his amateur debut against Chris Watts which resulted in him earning himself a first round submission victory via guillotine choke at LFA 9: Kallai vs Harris event hosted by Legacy Fighting Alliance (LFA). His success continued when making the switch over to professional bouts as well where just over 6 months later at Shamrock FC 267: Strike Hard – Summer Edition event presented by Shamrock FC promotions; Luke earned yet another first round submission victory against Jonatas Novaes via triangle choke once again showing off impressive ground skills that have become synonymous with him even today within UFC circles.

Finally after compiling 4 more victories on top of these two already mentioned ones along with high recommendation from head coach Robert Follis – who had previously trained numerous other successful UFC fighters such as Tony Ferguson & Josh Thomson – Sanders finally got signed up by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) back in 2016 following their merger agreement with World Series Of Fighting prompting him move onto bigger stages such as competing inside “The Octagon” rather than smaller regional shows like before hand which provided plenty new opportunities along way including getting signed endorsement deals big brands too like Reebok & Monster Energy Drink amongst few others outside sport itself now becoming household name amongst MMA fans worldwide today too!

Since joining UFC roster however things haven’t always gone smoothly either despite winning majority matches performed between 2016 until present day moment having lost three times also coming up short against Iuri Alcantara, Brett Johns & Marlon Vera respectively all ending fight either via decision or technical knockout unlike finishing off opponents quickly within opening rounds using grappling techniques seen earlier days prior signing contract initially overall still bringing much pride both home camp supporting him every step journey too proving never give attitude regardless circumstances faced whether be inside cage outside fans appreciate passionate performances displayed recent years especially since debuting octagon back 2016 certainly solidified place sports history books forever!

Fight History

Felipe Colares
Luke Sanders: Defeated
by Decision in Round 3
Sat. May 01, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Prochazka
Nate Maness
Luke Sanders: Defeated
by Submission in Round 2
Sat. Nov 28, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Clark