"El Tigre"


Fighting style: Wrestling
Stance: Orthodox
Division: Bantamweight
Height: 5' 7"
Reach: 65"
Leg reach: 39.00
Weight: 135 lbs.
Nationality: La Louviere, Belgium
Age: 28


Recent win streak: 2
Wins by KO: 11
Wins by submission: 3


Gaetano Pirrello is an Italian mixed martial artist currently competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s lightweight division. Born and raised in Naples, Italy, Gaetano began training in martial arts at a young age and quickly developed a passion for competition. He made his professional debut as an MMA fighter in 2009 and went on to compete in various promotions around Europe before signing with UFC in 2018.

Since joining the UFC roster, Gaetano has put together an impressive record of 7-2-0 with wins over Anton Kuivanen (unanimous decision), Sergio Giglio (first round submission) and Anthony Christodoulou (unanimous decision). His two losses have come against veterans Diego Sanchez (split decision) and Gregor Gillespie (third round TKO). A highly skilled striker, he utilizes his boxing to set up takedowns which leads him into his strong submission game. His fight against Christodoulou saw him secure a triangle choke finish late into the third round.

At 5’11”, Gaetano is one of the tallest lightweights on the UFC roster but makes up for it with excellent footwork that allows him to close distance rapidly while avoiding strikes from opponents simultaneously. By doing this he can transition into takedown attempts when needed or keep striking when necessary; making him one of the most versatile fighters at 155lbs. As well as having great striking defense, he is also very crafty on offensive strikes too which enables him land powerful hooks that are often followed up by quick uppercuts from different angles allowing him catch opponents off guard with ease while they’re still recovering from previous strikes thrown by Pirrello himself

Outside of fighting, Gaetano enjoys spending time with family & friends and has been known to take part in beach volleyball games during training camps whenever possible. He credits much of his success inside cage being down to hard work & dedication displayed throughout all aspects life whether it be personal or professional commitments; all thanks goes out to those who have helped guide along way including coaches & teammates who have helped shape career so far

Fight History

Douglas Silva de Andrade
Gaetano Pirrello: Defeated
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 2:04
Sat. Oct 02, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker
Ricky Simon
Gaetano Pirrello: Defeated
by Submission in Round 2
Wed. Jan 20, 2021
UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Magny


What Is Gaetano Pirrello's Ranking On Tapology?
As a UFC journalist, I would need the latest data to provide Gaetano Pirrello's ranking on Tapology; therefore, currently, the specific ranking is unknown.

Who Is Gaetano Pirrello In The MMA World?
Gaetano Pirrello is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter known as "El Tigre".

What Is Gaetano Pirrello's Instagram Handle?
Gaetano Pirrello's Instagram handle is @pirrellogaetano.

Who Won The Fight Between Gaetano Pirrello And Ricky Simon?
Ricky Simon won the fight against Gaetano Pirrello by decision.

Who Is Gaetano Pirrello On Sherdog?
Gaetano Pirrello, also known as "El Tigre", is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter profiled on Sherdog.

Quand Est Le Prochain Combat De Gaetano Pirrello?
La date du prochain combat de Gaetano Pirrello n'a pas été annoncée.

Does Gaetano Pirrello Compete In UFC?
Yes, Gaetano Pirrello does compete in UFC.

Who Is Gaetano Pirrello In Combat?
Gaetano Pirrello is an Italian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, known by his nickname "El Tigre".

What Is The Meaning Of Gaetano In Italian?
The name Gaetano in Italian is derived from the Latin Caietanus, meaning "from Caieta" or modern Gaeta.