Rex Burkhead

Team: Houston Texans
Position: RB

Rex Burkhead is an American football running back for the NFL’s New England Patriots. He was born on July 2, 1990 in Lexington, Kentucky and attended high school at Plano Senior High School in Texas, where he played both football and basketball. His college career began at Nebraska, where he became one of the greatest runners to ever play for the Cornhuskers. In his four years there he ran for over 3200 yards and 35 touchdowns while also catching 104 passes for 951 yards and five touchdowns.

After a successful college career that included being named All-Big Ten twice (2011 & 2012), appearing as a Heisman Trophy finalist (2012) and being nominated as a team captain three times (2010–12), Burkhead was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in 2013 with their sixth round draft pick (190th overall). During his three seasons with the Bengals he primarily served as a backup running back but did have some standout games such as Week 3 against Green Bay during which he had 119 total yards from scrimmage including 86 rushing yards on just 15 carries – all career highs to date.

In 2017 Rex signed with New England Patriots after four years in Cincinnati. Since joining New England Rex has been used more prominently than before but still serves mostly as backup/change of pace runner behind veteran starting RB James White. Despite this roleRex has made significant contributions toNewEngland’s offensein 2018runningfor442yardsand 5touchdownswhilealsoadding30 receptionsfor 254yardsandthree TDs throughtheair makinghimakeycontributorintheteam’ssuccessfulrunthatyearwinningSuperBowlLIIIovertheLosAngelesRams13to3onthefirstSundayinFebruary2019:a dayBurkheadwillneverforget asthiswas histhirdcareerplayoffwinwiththesquadafterhavingbeenanactivememberduringtheirprevious successfullseasonaswellasthesuperbowlvictoryatGeorgiaDomeon February5th2017againstAtlantaFalcons28to24wherehewassignedmultiple kickoff returns dutiesamongotherspecialteamsroles throughoutbothseasonsprovinghedoesnotonly bringoffensivevaluebutisalsokeyplayeronthekickreturn unitforthePatriots providingvaluableinsightintoallareasofthesportfromrunningbacktoplayingateammemberon specialteamsdemonstratingversatilityandservingasthemodelofwhatitmeantobethecompleteathleteinprofessionalfootball todaywhoseimpactextendedfarbeyondstatlinesorwins/lossesmakinghimoneofmostvaluedmembersofteambyfansandcoachesalike upuntilnow intime

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Latest Stats

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projected_rushing_attempts: 2

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Houston Texans on Nov 03, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_rushing_attempts: 3.1

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projected_rushing_attempts: 3.1