Austin Ekeler

Team: Los Angeles Chargers
Position: RB
Height: 5-10
Weight: 200
Experience: 7
College: Western State
Age: 28

Austin Ekeler is an American football running back for the Los Angeles Chargers of the National Football League (NFL). Born on May 17, 1995, in Lincoln, Nebraska, Ekeler’s football career took off at the small town high school, Eaton, in Colorado. He was an all-state running back and linebacker, proving his versatility and athleticism early on. Despite his talents, Ekeler was overlooked by many large college programs, but Western Colorado University saw his potential and offered him a Scholarship.

Ekeler played college football for the Western Colorado Mountaineers from 2013-2017. Over the course of his collegiate career, Ekeler set several records, including the university’s all-time leading rusher position. He finished his collegiate career with 5,857 rushing yards and 55 touchdowns.

After his stellar college career, Ekeler’s name still remained under the radar of many pro teams. He was not invited to the NFL Combine, another setback that could’ve halted his career. But he didn’t let this stop him. Ekeler recorded his own workout data and sent it out to all 32 NFL teams. The Los Angeles Chargers noticed his extraordinary workout numbers, conducting a follow-up interview and eventually signing him as an undrafted free agent in 2017.

Casting off lingering doubts from naysayers, Ekeler quickly made a name for himself with the Chargers, showing he was just as capable at the professional level as he had been in college. His big breakthrough came in his second season in the league during an unforgettable game against the Pittsburgh Steelers where he scored a touchdown after a 73-yard catch and run.

Ekeler’s rise is known as one of the most inspiring stories in the NFL. He continued to excel with the Chargers and, against all odds, established himself as one of the league’s most versatile backs. Ekeler’s speed, power, and ability to find gaps in the defense have made him a potent weapon both on the ground and through the air. Apart from his distinctive rushing skills, he has also excelled as a pass-catcher out of the backfield, proving his versatility and value to his team.

In 2020, Ekeler signed a four-year, $24.5 million contract with the Chargers, a testament to his hard work, perseverance, and ability to capitalize on each opportunity that came his way. Not only does Ekeler shine on the field, but he also has a tremendous off-field impact. He established the Austin Ekeler Foundation in 2020 to provide opportunities for kids to engage in sporting experiences they otherwise might not have the chance to partake in.

Noted for his work ethic and determination, Austin Ekeler has emerged from the shadows of Division II college football to the spotlight of the NFL. He proves that it doesn’t matter where you come from or where you start, what truly matters is your passion, hard work, and dedication to your sport. For Ekeler, he’s just getting started, and football fans everywhere look forward to seeing him continue to make waves in the NFL.

Latest Stats

Los Angeles Chargers vs. New England Patriots on Dec 03, 2023 Stats (away)
projected_rushing_attempts: 23.3

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Jan 14, 2023 Stats (away)
projected_rushing_attempts: 12.9

Denver Broncos vs. Los Angeles Chargers on Oct 17, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_rushing_attempts: 13

Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Oct 16, 2022 Stats (home)
projected_rushing_attempts: 13

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Houston Texans on Oct 02, 2022 Stats (away)
projected_rushing_attempts: 10.8

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs on Sep 15, 2022 Stats (away)
projected_rushing_attempts: 21.7