Stance: Switch
Division: Featherweight
Height: 5' 9"
Reach: 70"
Leg reach: 41.00
Weight: 135 lbs.
Age: 31


Vinícius de Oliveira is a distinguished Brazilian actor, born on July 18, 1985, in Bonsucesso Rio de Janeiro. The story of his rise to prominence is packed with determination, hardship, luck, talent, and resilience. Born Vinícius Campos de Oliveira, he was raised alongside an older brother and two younger sisters by a single mother, named Juçara. To contribute financially to the family, Vinícius and his brother adopted the humble job of shining shoes.

In an extraordinary serendipitous turn of events, it was this shoe shining job through which he happened to meet, acclaimed director Walter Salles. Salles, struck by VinĂ­cius’s persona, invited him to a screen test for a role in his upcoming film. This marked the commencement of VinĂ­cius’s journey in the world of acting.

Aged only twelve, in 1997, VinĂ­cius was selected among approximately 2,000 candidates to portray the character of JosuĂ© in Walter Salles’ film, ‘Central Station’. Joining the ranks of Fernanda Montenegro, he earned critical acclaim for his performance. This film exposĂ© catapulted him into a career as a notable child actor.

Furthering his personal achievement, de Oliveira held the fort as a presenter on shows such as “AlĂŽ VĂ­deo Escola” and “Que bicho Ă© esse?” on Canal Futura, from June 1998 until March 2000. His television repertoire grew with a role in the telenovela, ‘Suave Veneno’ aired on Globo TV. He also reunited with Salles for yet another riveting role in the film, ‘Behind the Sun.’

At the turn of the millennium, VinĂ­cius found himself treading onto the stage, marking the beginning of his theatre career. He performed in Carlos Drummond de Andrade’s ‘Jovem Drummond,’ a production that debuted in November 2000 and went on to tour the country. This was followed by a role in Marcus VinĂ­cius Faustini’s SĂŁo Paulo production of ‘They Do Not Wear Black-Tie’ between March and May 2001 and Anamaria Nunes’ ‘The Trianon Generation’ in 2004.

One of his major career highs came in 2008 when he starred in ‘Linha de Passe,’ directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas. The film bagged a nomination for the distinguished Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival for that year.

VinĂ­cius continued his winning streak with a role in the highly acclaimed 2015 film, ‘Neon Bull.’ ‘Neon Bull’ swept away multiple awards including the Grand Prix at the 31st Warsaw International Film Festival and the Horizons Special Jury Prize at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

This is a snapshot of Vinícius de Oliveira’s remarkable journey into the world of acting which is far from complete as he continues to enthrall audiences with his phenomenal talent and acting prowess.

Fight History

Benardo Sopaj
Vinicius Oliveira: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 3 @ 4:41
Sat. Mar 02, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Rozenstruik vs. Gaziev


Who Is Vinicius Oliveira Santos?
Vinicius Oliveira Santos is presumably a professional UFC fighter, though specific details such as age, family, and bio are not provided within the given context.

"What Is Vinicius Oliveira's Record?"
Vinicius Oliveira's record in the UFC is 19 wins and 3 losses, with no draws.

What Is Vinicius Oliveira's Twitter Handle?
Vinicius Oliveira's Twitter handle is @oliveira_vc1.

What Is The Platform Of Vinicius Oliveira?
The platform of Vinicius Oliveira is X.

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Vinicius Oliveira, often known as "Lok Dog", is a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter profiled on Sherdog, a website that offers comprehensive coverage of the MMA sports industry.

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