Stance: Orthodox
Division: Flyweight
Height: 5' 9"
Reach: 71"
Weight: 125 lbs.


Tereza Bleda is an up and coming female fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). She was born on April 7, 1993 in Prague, Czech Republic. She began her martial arts training at a young age and quickly developed a passion for it. After competing in various amateur tournaments around Europe, she decided to pursue professional MMA as a career.

Bleda made her professional debut in 2013 and has not looked back since then. Her style combines aggressive striking with well-timed takedowns and submissions that allow her to dominate opponents on the mat or stand-up. She has won 8 out of 10 fights by submission or technical knockout due to strikes, demonstrating her ability to end fights quickly when given the opportunity.

She is currently contracted with UFC and competes primarily as a bantamweight competitor (135 lbs). In 2019 she had her first fight under the UFC banner against Shana Dobson at UFC Fight Night 151: Iaquinta vs Cowboy 2 where she won via Unanimous Decision after 3 rounds of hard fought action. This was an impressive showing for Bleda’s first fight inside the octagon as she showed off both offensive and defensive skills while dominating Dobson from start to finish over 15 minutes of fighting time inside the cage .

In 2020 Tereza Bleda continued building upon a successful start by winning two more fights against Julia Avila at UFC 241: Cormier vs Miocic 2 by Unanimous Decision after three rounds, followed shortly afterwards by another win over Sabina Mazo at UFC 244: Masvidal vs Diaz via Triangle Choke Submission after only one round of grappling exchanges between them two fighters . Throughout these three wins , we have seen how well rounded Tereza’s MMA game plan is which allows her adapted different strategies depending on what type of opponent he faces .

Outside of competition, Tereza serves as an inspiration for many young women aspiring get into competitive fighting sports like MMA . In addition , she also sponsors clothing line from RIZE Wear which provides quality athletic apparel for combat sports athletes all throughout Europe . Lastly ,she also recently organized FISAF International Czech Open Championships Event which took place January 25th -30th 2021in Prague where local competitors got chance showcase their talents regionally amongst top level mixed martial artists from around world who competed face each other across multiple weight divisions including men ,women children divisions with final bouts broadcast live stream online internationally allowing even more people follow event closely no matter where they may be located geographically speaking .

Overall , Tereza Bledis one rising stars within sport Mixed Martial Arts continues progress forward expanding global brand while pushing boundaries set forth those who wish challenge themselves reach heights performance excellence possible following footsteps lead this pioneering woman today’s sport world center stage !

Fight History

Denys Bondar
Tereza Bleda: Winner
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jun 17, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Vettori vs. Cannonier


What Is Tereza Bleda's Ranking On Tapology?
As a UFC journalist, I don't have the specific information on Tereza Bleda's ranking on Tapology.

What Is Tereza Bleda's Record On Sherdog?
As a UFC journalist, I don't currently have that information readily available.

Who Won The Competition Between Tereza Bleda And Gabriella Fernandes?
Tereza Bledá won the competition against Gabriella Fernandes via a 3 Round Decision.

What Is Tereza Bleda's Instagram Handle?
Tereza Bleda's Instagram handle is @terezableda.

What Is The Record Of Tereza Bleda?
Tereza Bleda holds a record of 7 wins, 1 loss, and 0 draws in the UFC.

Who Won The Match Between Tereza Bleda And Natalia Silva?
Natalia Silva won the match against Tereza Bleda on November 19, 2022.

Who Is Tereza Bleda From ESPN?
Tereza Bleda is a Women's Strawweight MMA fighter profiled on ESPN.

Who Won The Match Between Tereza Bleda And Silva?
Natália Silva won the match against Tereza Bledá via KO/TKO at 1:27 of Round 3.

What Are The Highlights Of Tereza Bleda's Career?