Muin "Tajik" Gafurov


Stance: Southpaw
Division: Bantamweight
Height: 5' 7"
Reach: 68"
Weight: 135 lbs.


Mumin Gafurov is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He was born on April 27, 1991, in Dushanbe, Tajikistan and is currently signed with ONE Championship.

Gafurov began his martial arts career at the age of nine by learning Judo. At 17 he joined Russian Top Team (RTT), which led him to begin training MMA shortly afterwards. In 2011 Gafurov had his first amateur fight and won via submission due to a rear-naked choke. After only four amateur fights Gafurov turned pro and went undefeated for over six years before entering the UFC.

In 2015 he made his promotional debut against Martin Nguyen at One FC 22: Battle of Lions in Singapore where he emerged victorious via unanimous decision after five rounds of intense action. This impressive win earned him a spot on The Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated series which aired from April 2018 until early 2019 when Gafurov made it all the way to the finals without being defeated once during this season’s run. Despite coming up short in that bout due to an injury suffered during training camp prior to his match-up with Jay Cucciniello at TUF 26 Finale, Mumin has gained much recognition among fans within mixed martial arts community as well as media outlets worldwide since then – and rightfully so!

To date Mumin has competed twelve times professionally accumulating a record of 12 wins and 1 loss; 10 victories by stoppage; 5 submissions; 4 knockouts; plus 3 Performance or Fight Night Bonuses under the UFC banner alone! As for current accomplishments inside this ever growing sport? How about being crowned ‘ONE Lightweight Champion’ after defeating defending champion Shinya Aoki back on November 9th 2019? All things considered it seems like there isn’t anything stopping Mumin from continuing towards success as one of MMA’s finest athletes today!

Outside cage time Muin is married with two daughters whom he loves spending any free time available with them – enjoying movies, playing video games or simply having fun outdoors whenever possible too! Furthermore he also trains full time while juggling part-time work as coach alongside fellow RTT fighters such as himself some days too… so clearly staying busy is no issue here either – even if not directly related into fighting itself presently speaking that is…

Overall Mumin Gafurav stands out amongst many other competitors within combat sports nowadays due both loyal fan base supporting him throughout ups downs alike plus top notch skillset showcased each outing regardless winner loser situation ultimately taking shape every single contest night guaranteeing pure entertainment filled adrenaline rush sure delight anyone looking watch high quality bouts featuring best world class athletes now can experience daily basis somewhere around globe right now whether live streams TV broadcasts etcetera point blank period no doubt whatsoever!!

Fight History

Said Nurmagomedov
Said Nurmagomedov
Awaiting Outcome
Sat. Oct 21, 2023
UFC 294: Makhachev vs. Oliveira 2
John Castaneda
John Castaneda
Muin Gafurov: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jun 03, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Kara-France vs. Albazi