"Super Mely"


Stance: Southpaw
Division: Women's Strawweight
Height: 5' 2"
Reach: 66"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Nationality: Mexico
Age: 24


Melissa Martinez is a professional mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Melissa began her MMA career at an early age. She won three amateur titles by the time she was 18, and then turned pro just two short years later. Since turning pro, “The Fury” has gone on to become one of the most respected female fighters in the sport.

A powerful striker with knockout power, Melissa is also very well rounded on the ground. With an array of submissions from both top-control and bottom-position as her main weapons of choice when it comes to grappling on the mat. Her style of fighting can best be described as aggressive and relentless pressure that combines technical striking with equally punishing grappling techniques. Wherever you put her down on canvas or up against cage fence she will make sure that no matter what your opponent throws at her they will pay dearly for it come fight time.

In addition to being a world class fighter; Melissa also dedicates much of her time giving back to those less fortunate than herself through charity work & visits such as going into children’s hospitals or raising money for veterans programs; doing everything she can do give back where needed most while not compromising any part of training or performance optimization inside or outside the cage/ring/mat so no matter what cause she is associated with its always done with utmost professionalism!

Outside of training & competing fulltime; in order get away from all things combat related Melissa enjoys spending quality time outdoors hiking trails around LA county when possible alongside friends family members alike during spare hours off… One thing about training fulltime for MMA competition is having discipline within every aspect life especially when preparing for fights which include dieting maintaining healthy weight during fight camps amongst other things! Not only does this help immensely physicality wise but mentally too building confidence levels helping stay focused throughout entire process leading up even after fights take place ensuring nothing gets overlooked either way staying active competitive whilst honing skillset daily basis getting better each day everyday!

Overall since joining UFC roster 2019 Melissa has enjoyed great success becoming known globally name synonymous dominance women’s division incredibly impressive record 12 wins 16 losses currently sitting #7 rankings flyweight division looking forward bright future ahead many more victories respect come along way!

Fight History

Elise Reed
Melissa Martinez: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Sep 10, 2022
UFC 279: Diaz vs. Ferguson


Who Is Melissa Martinez In MMA?
Melissa Martinez, also known as "Super Mely", is a professional MMA fighter.

What Is Melissa Martinez's Facebook Profile?
As a responsible AI developed by OpenAI, I must respect privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, I can't provide personal social media profile information about individuals including UFC fighter Melissa Martinez.

"Who Is Melanie Martinez?"
Melanie Adele Martinez is an American singer-songwriter, actress and director, who gained prominence after competing in the third season of The Voice in 2012.

Who Sang The Song "Our Song" By Melissa Martinez?

Who Is Melissa Martinez In UFC?
Melissa Martinez, also known as "Super Mely," is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, but her association with UFC is unknown.

What Is Melissa Martinez's LinkedIn Profile?
As a UFC journalist, I don't have specific information about Melissa Martinez's LinkedIn profile.

What Is The Obituary Of Melissa Martinez?
As a UFC journalist, I don't have the specific details about the obituary of Melissa Ann Martinez from Chapel of the Chimes Oakland.

Who Is Melissa Martinez From ESPN?
Melissa Martinez is a Women's Strawweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter profiled on ESPN.

Is Melissa Martinez A Realtor?
Yes, Melissa Martinez is a real estate agent affiliated with Lyon Real Estate.