"The Iron Lady"
de Randamie


Stance: Orthodox
Division: Women's Bantamweight
Height: 5' 9"
Reach: 71"
Leg reach: 41.00
Weight: 135 lbs.
Team: CSA Holland
Nationality: Dutch
Age: 36


Wins by KO: 4
Wins by decision: 5



Significant Strikes Attempted: 458
Significant Strikes Landed: 220


Takedowns Attempted: 1


Born on April 24, 1984 in Utrecht, The Netherlands to an Afro-Surinamese father and a Dutch mother, Germaine de Randamie has always been a force to be reckoned with. She faced an undefeated run in her kickboxing career, notching up an impressive record of 46 wins and no losses, including 30 knockout victories. But her thirst for competition couldn’t be quenched by dominating one field alone, so she sought a new challenge: mixed martial arts (MMA).

De Randamie’s plunge into MMA happened in December 2008 in the Revolution Fight Club 2 event where she was pit against Vanessa Porto. Although her debut resulted in a defeat, this setback didn’t let her spirits down. Her determination paid off in September 2010 when she triumphed over Nikohl Johnson in Playboy Fight Night 5. De Randamie debuted in the Strikeforce in January 2011 and continued her streak of victories there.

However, her big break arrived in 2013 when she joined the illustrious MMA promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Her first ever UFC match against Julie Kedzie in UFC on Fox 8 ended in her victory. From there, she climbed up the hierarchical ladder in the UFC, winning crucial fights and expanding her fanbase.

Her triumphant roll took a hiatus in November 2013, when she was defeated by Amanda Nunes. However, she bounced back with a win against Larissa Pacheco in UFC 185. Her crowning achievement came in 2017 when she faced the former bantamweight champion, Holly Holm, in UFC 208 for the inaugural UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship. Not only did she win the fight, but she also became the first-ever UFC Women’s Featherweight Champion. However, the victory was marred by controversy, with de Randamie accused of punching after the horn, a move deemed unintentional by her but intentional by her opponent.

Following her championship win, de Randamie’s decisions became subjects of debate within the MMA community. Notably criticized was her refusal to face Cris Cyborg for her repeated transgressions with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), a move that caused her to be stripped of her title. She then dealt with a string of injuries that led to match cancellations and her subsequent absence from the UFC for a while.

Nonetheless, she ended her hiatus and reignited her legacy in 2018 by defeating former title challenger, Raquel Pennington at UFC Fight Night 139. Signing a new six-fight contract with UFC in March 2019, de Randamie continued to establish her dominance in subsequent fights. She secured a win over Aspen Ladd at UFC Fight Night 155 before facing her rematch against Amanda Nunes at UFC 245, resulting in a loss.

Despite the setback, de Randamie came back stronger, earning her first submission win against Julianna Pena and the Performance of the Night bonus. She was slated to fight Irene Aldana at UFC 268 but had to withdraw due to injury.

De Randamie not only created an invincible legacy inside the ring but also lives a remarkable life outside it. Aside from her combat sports career, she has also served as a police officer and worked as a psychiatric nurse. Known for her unprecedented strength, de Randamie even knocked out a man who outweighed her by 40 lbs in a boxing match.

Her personal life is filled with love and jubilation. She lives in Utrecht with her girlfriend, and the couple has been blessed with a son, born in 2023. The announcement of her pregnancy in 2022 brought more joy to her life, but like a true fighter, she didn’t let motherhood slow her down. Her path in the UFC arena continues to amaze and inspire fans around the globe.

Fight History

Norma Dumont
Germaine de Randamie: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Apr 06, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Curtis 2


What Is Germaine De Randamie's Record?
Germaine de Randamie's record in UFC is 10 wins, 4 losses, and 0 draws.

Did Germaine De Randamie Retire?
No, Germaine de Randamie did not retire, instead she is planning a return to the UFC before the end of the year.

Who Is Germaine De Randamie's Wife?
As of the available information, Germaine de Randamie's marital status or details about a wife are unknown.

What Is Germaine De Randamie's Profile On Sherdog?
Germaine de Randamie, nicknamed "The Iron Lady", is a professional mixed martial artist with a profile on Sherdog showcasing her fights, record, weight class and association.

Who Won The Fight Between Germaine De Randamie And Aspen Ladd?
Germaine de Randamie won the fight against Aspen Ladd.

What Is Germaine De Randamie's Record On Tapology?
As a UFC journalist, I don't have access to Germaine de Randamie's current record on Tapology.

Who Will Germaine De Randamie Fight Next?
As of now, Germaine de Randamie's opponent for the Q4 2023 fight is not yet announced or confirmed.

Who Won The Fight Between Germaine De Randamie And Julianna Pena?
The information provided does not specify the outcome of the fight between Germaine de Randamie and Julianna Pena, so it's considered 'unknown'.

What Is Germaine De Randamie's Instagram Handle?
Germaine de Randamie's Instagram handle is @ironladymma.