"Iron Lady"


Division: Featherweight
Height: --
Reach: --
Weight: 135 lbs.


Liana Jojua, born on March 22nd, 1995, is a professional mixed martial artist (MMA) from Georgia who has made a notable name for herself in the realm of competitive fighting. Generally competing in the flyweight and bantamweight divisions, Jojua has a history of fierce competition including previously fighting in the highly esteemed Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Moreover, Jojua holds the honor of being the inaugural and ex-champion of the Fight Nights Global Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

Jojua’s passion for MMA was sparked at a relatively young age. She was inspired to pursue a career in martial arts after witnessing several fights of Gina Carano when she was just 16 years old. Leveraging her background in Muay Thai, Jojua embarked on her journey in MMA and made her debut in September 2015. Despite facing a brief setback with a two-fight losing streak in 2016, this was far from a stumbling block for Jojua. Gathering momentum once again, Jojua demonstrated a remarkable five-fight winning streak that ended with her victory over Marina Mokhnatkina, crowning her the FNG Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

On September 7, 2019, Jojua faced Sarah Moras at UFC 242. In a somewhat controversial turn of events, Moras weighed in at 138 lbs for the bantamweight non-title fight, 2 lbs over the regular limit of 136 lbs. Consequently, Moras was penalized with a 20% reduction in her fight purse, which was then awarded to Jojua. Despite the tumultuous weigh-ins, Jojua eventually lost the fight in the third round due to a technical knockout (TKO).

Demonstrating her relentless spirit, Jojua got back into the ring on July 16, 2020, squaring off against Diana Belbiţă at UFC on ESPN: Kattar vs. Ige. Putting forward a commendable performance, Jojua won the fight through a competent execution of the armbar right in the first round.

Yet again, Jojua returned to UFC on October 24, 2020, for the UFC 254 where she competed against Miranda Maverick. However, she once again faced defeat after being knocked out technically in the first round.

Jojua was slated to go against Cortney Casey on August 21, 2021, at UFC on ESPN 29 but was unfortunately unable to participate due to visa issues. The much-awaited match finally took place at UFC Fight Night 197 on 13th November 2021. Jojua weighed in at 128.5 pounds, conspicuously over the non-title flyweight limit, leading to an incurred fine of 30% of her fight purse, given to Casey. The fight proceeded at a catchweight despite this hiccup. Casey emerged victoriously, winning a unanimous decision.

Following this loss, Jojua was sadly released from the UFC. Despite the setback, Jojua remained relentless, making her first appearance post-UFC on May 20, 2022, when she confronted Dariya Zheleznyakova at Ares FC 6. However, she lost this match as well through a unanimous decision.

Interestingly, Jojua’s pursuits are not solely limited to the ring. She is also a dedicated teacher and an alumnus of Moscow State Pedagogical University. Undoubtedly talented, Jojua also possesses a secondary education in music, specializing in vocals, and can also play the piano. In conclusion, Liana Jojua’s journey in MMA has been filled with momentous highs, challenging lows, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity.

Fight History

Montserrat Rendon
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Sat. Mar 23, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Ribas vs. Namajunas


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