Stance: Orthodox
Division: Welterweight
Height: 5' 10"
Reach: 74"
Leg reach: 42.00
Weight: 170 lbs.
Nationality: Urbana, United States
Age: 27


Recent win streak: 1
Wins by KO: 6
Wins by submission: 1


Carlton Minus is a professional UFC fighter and one of the top competitors in his weight class. He began his career in mixed martial arts (MMA) shortly after college, winning multiple championships at local promotions throughout South Florida. Before long Carlton was competing on the national stage, where he quickly rose up the ranks due to his unique combination of athleticism and skill. In 2017, he earned a contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), becoming one of the youngest fighters ever to sign with them.

Since then, Carlton has continued to make an impact in UFC competition. His style consists primarily of fast-paced striking from both distance and inside the pocket, as well as quality ground control when needed. He currently holds an impressive record of 15 wins and 4 losses, including two victories over former champions Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold respectively. Additionally, he has gone on to win four performance bonuses for Fight Night events – which speaks volumes about his ability to entertain fans while still delivering world-class fights each time out.

Outside of MMA competition Carlton also trains aspiring fighters around South Florida, teaching both technique and mental preparation – all while instilling good sportsmanship into those who choose him as their coach or mentor. His achievements have not only put him into a position that allows him to give back even further but also inspired countless others chasing their own dreams within this sport or otherwise; making him something more than just another athlete striving for greatness: A true role model for anyone looking up towards success in any capacity whatsoever.

In addition to being dedicated athlete throughout combat sports ,Carlton Minus is kindhearted individual who always puts family first .His devotion lies heavily within faith ,friendship & community events .He truly believe that through hard work & dedication anything you set your mind too can be accomplished .His admirable traits serves has a continuous reminder that no matter how down life seems at times there’s hope if given enough effort .

Fight History

Christos Giagos
Carlton Minus: Defeated
by Decision in Round 3
Sat. Dec 19, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Neal
Matthew Semelsberger
Carlton Minus: Defeated
by Decision in Round 3
Sat. Aug 22, 2020
UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Munhoz


What Is Carlton Minus Ko?
The phrase 'Carlton minus Ko' in this context refers to Carlton Minus, a UFC fighter, taking away a Knockout (KO) victory.