"Black Wolf"


Fighting style: MMA
Stance: Southpaw
Division: Middleweight
Height: 5' 9"
Reach: 74"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Nationality: Makhachkala, Russia
Age: 30


Recent win streak: 13
Wins by KO: 5
Wins by submission: 4



Significant Strikes Attempted: 6
Significant Strikes Landed: 5


Takedowns Attempted: 2


Aliaskhab Khizriev is a Russian professional mixed martial artist. He currently competes in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Born on December 9, 1985, in Makhachkala, Dagestan of Russia, Aliaskhab started his MMA career at just 15 years old and quickly made a name for himself amongst his peers. He fought mostly in local promotions before entering into UFC in 2018.

Throughout his fighting career, Aliaskhab has proven to be an all-around fighter who can compete with the best fighters of any weight class. His background as a wrestler has helped him become one of the most complete grappling experts of all time and he often uses this ability to take opponents down and control them on the ground. He also possesses great striking skills which makes him dangerous from every position during his fights.

Aliaskhab first gained national attention when he signed with Bellator MMA and competed for their European circuit between 2016-2017 where he achieved notable wins over Ivan Buchinger and Daniel Weichel among others. After being signed by UFC in 2018, Khizriev faced off against Jonavin Webb at UFC Fight Night 133 where he won via submission within two minutes but was later disqualified due to an illegal knee strike delivered while Webb was still on the ground which resulted in a no contest ruling.

In 2019 Aliaskhab faced off against Chris Fishgold at UFC Fight Night: Błachowicz vs Santos which resulted in another win for him via unanimous decision after three rounds domination from Khizriev who utilized again excellent ground work throughout that fight proving too much for even seasoned veteran Fishgold handle it resulting yet another impressive victory under Khizriev’s belt further rising up as one promising names coming out from Eastern Europe MMA scene today . In 2020 Aliaksab participated successfully at PFL season 2 tournament where he defeated Mikhail Odintsov and Movsar Evloev both times by way unanimous decisions advancing up until semifinals stage losing there to eventual champion Kayla Harrison .

Outside of fighting world ,Khizriev is known as very religious man who loves taking care not only about physical but also spiritual parts staying true to Islamic religion beliefs teachings dedicating lot time towards studying Koran readings following classic lifestyle principles coming out straight directly from holy scriptures book .From training side ,he works hard already few years under guidance outstanding coach Ramazan Kuramagomedov whose tutelage given immense boost towards development process allowing him reach highest level competitive sports industry today thus proving once again why always chosen ones making difference result wise inside octagon cage every single night bringing incredible joy fans spectators alike watching such masterful performances night after night

Fight History

Makhmud Muradov
Aliaskhab Khizriev: Winner
by No Contest in Round 1 @ 0:11
Sat. Feb 03, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Dolidze vs. Imavov
Denis Tiuliulin
Aliaskhab Khizriev: Winner
by Submission in Round 2 @ 1:58
Sat. Mar 26, 2022
UFC Fight Night: Blaydes vs. Daukaus


Aliaskhab Khizriev Next Fight?
As of the current information available, the next fight for Aliaskhab Khizriev ("The Black Wolf") is unknown.

Aliaskhab Khizriev Record?
Aliaskhab Khizriev, also known as "The Black Wolf," has an undefeated record of 14 wins and no losses in his MMA career.

Aliaskhab Khizriev Ufc?
As Aliaskhab "The Black Wolf" Khizriev, I am a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter currently active in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Aliaskhab Khizriev Sherdog?
Aliaskhab Khizriev is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter with a credible record, notable for his powerful strikes and tactical submission skills, and his career updates, including stats, pictures, news, and videos, can be found on his biography.

Aliaskhab Khizriev Wiki?
Aliaskhab Khizriev, also known as "The Black Wolf", is a professional MMA fighter.

Aliaskhab Khizriev Vs Denis Tiuliulin?
Aliaskhab Khizriev faced Denis Tiuliulin at UFC Fight Night on ESPN.