The fight world is buzzing with what promises to be one of the most exciting bouts in recent memory. Justin Gaethje (27-3-0) vs Max Holloway (22-6-0) is slated to be one of the highlights of UFC 300: Pereira vs. Hill. Who will come out on top?

First, let’s take a glance at both fighters before diving into our prediction for the match.

Justin ‘The Highlight’ Gaethje, the former interim lightweight champion, is highly popular for his high-energy fight style, boastful knockout power, and strength-based technique. With a fight record of 27 wins and only 3 losses, it’s no wonder Gaethje is a favorite heading into UFC 300.

Conversely, Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway, former featherweight champion, who might be stepping a weight class up, is no stranger to the challenges of top-level combat. Holloway, who has 22 wins and 6 losses, is known for his sharp technical striking and ability to adapt mid-fight.

The greatest strength of Gaethje is his striking power. He has renowned leg kicks, and his endurance has often overpowered his opponents. Gaethje’s resilience is like no other, he can take a lot of punishment from his opponents and still manage to retaliate, at times, delivering deadly knockout blows. He is also good in the clinch and exhibits fantastic defensive wrestling. Justin’s power and durability will be a key factor in this match, as his fighting style would possibly wear down most opponents.

Meanwhile, Holloway boasts a striking volume that is among UFC’s elite, equipped with a fast and accurate hand, he’s well-able to put the pressure on his opponent continuously. Also, his brilliant footwork and the ability to adapt amidst the heat of battle are potential game changers. He possesses one of the best gas tanks in UFC, ensuring his intensity in the early rounds is maintained throughout the fight. He has a combination of exceptional boxing skills, brilliant fight IQ, and an uncanny durability.

However, will Max’s precision and volume-based approach offset Gaethje’s power and durability? Or will Gaethje’s ferocity and strength-based style engulf Max’s technical approach? Herein lays the fascination of this match-up: it’s a classic contrast of styles.

Despite Holloway’s fantastic record, he does face one glaring disadvantage — height and reach. Although both fighters are the same height, Gaethje enjoys a slight edge in reach, which, given his style, may be crucial in the bout.

However, Holloway is not new to dealing with shorter opponents. Nor is Gaethje new to dealing with technical, footwork-driven opponents. This mere factor would not inherently decide the match’s outcome, but it is worth highlighting.

Considering Gaethje’s wrestling background, which is hardly reflected in his fights since he mainly uses it in reverse, to keep the fight standing, it’s questionable if he employs that route against Holloway. But given Max’s takedown defense, perhaps it may not be advantageous for Gaethje.

Holloway’s clear path victory would be to stay away from Gaethje’s power – maintain distance, be his elusive self, and rack up points with volume striking. Along with constant movements and alternating angles of attack, Holloway can potentially disrupt Gaethje’s rhythm.

On the other hand, for Gaethje, finding a way to land clean strikes would give him a substantial advantage. His leg kicks could potentially limit Holloway’s movement and impede his volume striking, thereby giving Gaethje the opportunities to land power shots.

Chaos versus precision. Intensity versus volume. Power versus persistence. If there was ever a fight that embodied these classic contrasts, it is Gaethje vs Holloway. So, who is more likely to walk away with the win?

Given all the analysis, we predict a victory for Max Holloway. And here’s why.

Holloway’s resilience, fight IQ, and volume striking may well serve as the antidote for Gaethje’s power-centric game. But it won’t be easy; Holloway will have to endure the early storm, continually change angles, maintain distance, and employ his volume striking throughout the fight.

These variables, however, are ones that Holloway has mastered over his career. He’s fought bigger men with significant power before and has often showed up clutch against such opponents.

If Gaethje is unable to land clean, consequential strikes, particularly early in the fight, the tide might inexorably swing in favor of Holloway. Max’s adaptability under pressure and the constant threat of his volume and precision can quickly turn the fight into a favorable mental and physical grinding battle for him.

However, as in any sport, nothing is guaranteed. A single clean shot from Gaethje could decisively end the fight. But if Holloway can nullify Gaethje’s power and exploit the latter’s recklessness, he’ll likely control the narrative of the bout.

In conclusion, despite the odds favoring Gaethje, we predict Max “Blessed” Holloway to be the victor if he brings his strategic brilliance, never-ending gas tank, and resilience against Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje’s power and intensity in UFC 300.