"Mountain Tiger"


Stance: Orthodox
Division: Heavyweight
Height: 6' 2"
Reach: 75"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Nationality: Fuyang, China
Age: 23



Significant Strikes Landed:


Zhang Mingyang, a UFC athlete from China, has made a name for himself in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He has shown formidable skills and resilience within the world famous Octagon, contributing to the popularization of this combat sport in Asia. Although he is very private about his personal life, his athletic prowess stands as a testament to his dedication and passion for the sport, making him an inspiration to many aspiring MMA athletes worldwide.

Born on September 22, 1990, in Inner Mongolia, Zhang Mingyang developed a passion for martial arts at an early age. The disciplined environment in which he grew up had a big influence on his martial arts career. He started training in Sanda, a Chinese-originated self-defense system and combat sport. His exceptional performances and potential led him to receive professional training in MMA. Although details of his early life and personal journey are scarce, it is clear that his love for martial arts fuelled his journey to become among the best in the world.

Zhang’s breakthrough in his career came when he joined China’s most prominent MMA organization, Kunlun Fight, in 2014. He quickly made a positive impression and gained fame after winning several matches consecutively. Due to his impressive performance in Kunlun Fight, Zhang was selected to join the UFC, the world’s premier MMA organization.

Although there are no specific records of his first UFC match, Zhang has since put on some highly competitive fights, displaying his years of rigorous training and dedication to the sport. He is known primarily for his punching power and endurance, which often pushes his opponents to their limits. This has seen him rise through the ranks in the UFC, winning against internationally renowned fighters and upping his global ranking.

Zhang’s dedication to his sport extends beyond the ring. He trains diligently, prioritizing his physical strength and conditioning, as well as various martial arts techniques. This has kept him in top shape and increased his efficiency and effectiveness inside the Octagon. His training ethic and determination to always improve sets him apart from many other UFC fighters.

Zhang is also recognized for helping popularize UFC and MMA in China. At a time when the sport was still unfamiliar to many in the country, Zhang became one of the key figures introducing the sport to the masses. His success in the international arena has inspired many young athletes in China to pursue a career in MMA, thereby promoting the sport in the region.

As of today, Zhang Mingyang continues to compete in the UFC, making his country proud with each fight. However, Zhang maintains a low profile, keeping his private life closely guarded from public scrutiny. This modesty increases intrigue around the fighter while also keeping the focus on his skill, talent, and contribution to the UFC.

The story of Zhang Mingyang is a source of motivation for many aspiring fighters in China and around the world. As he continues to fight in the UFC, he makes significant contributions to the growth of MMA in China. His journey highlights the power of dedication, resilience and passion in the pursuit of one’s dreams. His legacy will undeniably leave a lasting impact on the sport for future generations of MMA athletes.

Fight History

Carlos Vera
Zhang Mingyang: Winner
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 1:41
Sat. Feb 17, 2024
UFC 298: Volkanovski vs. Topuria


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Zhang Mingyang currently holds a fighting record of 16 wins, 6 losses, and no draws in the UFC.

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