Stance: Switch
Division: Light Heavyweight
Height: 6' 4"
Reach: 77"
Leg reach: 45.00
Weight: 185 lbs.
Age: 30



Significant Strikes Attempted: 18
Significant Strikes Landed: 12


Zach Reese is an impeccable martial arts athlete renowned for his vigorous performances in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). With his relentless and sentient fighting style, he has managed to secure an eminent position in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) arena. Standing 6-feet tall and fluctuating around 155 pounds, Reese primarily fights in the Lightweight division.

Reese was born on April 15, 1989 in Salisbury, Maryland. He discovered his passion for fighting at a very young age. This inherent passion saw him learning and excelling in multiple martial art forms. He began his wrestling journey in high school and went on to wrestle collegiately at the Division 1 level whilst studying Business Administration at the University of Maryland. After his graduation in 2011, he decided to pursue his interest in MMA professionally.

Reese started training intensely, specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai, yet never losing grip on his wrestling base. His remarkable talent and persistent efforts saw him clinching the Maryland State Wrestling Championship, making him one of the highly-anticipated MMA prospects from the region.

Reese remained undeterred and stayed true to his goals. He made his professional MMA debut in 2013, winning his first bout impressively. His performances captured the attention of the UFC, earning him a place in the world’s principal MMA promotion in 2015. He is known best for his unwavering strength, resiliency, and a keen knack for combining his wrestling skills with astute BJJ and ferocious striking.

As a UFC fighter, Reese is marked for his exceptional resilience in the octagon, as well as his ability to stay composed under pressure. He has gained immense popularity through his finish-oriented fighting style. His outstanding footwork, grueling pace, sound defense, and expertise in ground combat have enabled him to carve a niche in the UFC.

Training out of top-tier gyms further honed his skills and diversified his fighting repertoire. Presently, he trains with the notable Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California, under the guidance of renowned coach Urijah Faber. The team’s blend of top-flight coaching and a roster packed with world-class fighters have been critical in Reese’s exponential development.

While the octagon victories have brought him fame, personal growth as an individual remains significant for Reese. He believes in the philosophy of martial arts teaching discipline, humility, and respect, values that extend far outside the four walls of a gym.

Outside the ring, Reese is dedicated to community service. He aims to inspire the youth and is actively involved in various initiatives to keep them away from violence and drugs. Additionally, he conducts combat sports seminars in schools, colleges, and corporate entities.

Unyielding dedication, dazzling talent, and gallant sportsmanship have continued to catalyze Reese’s success story. His ruthlessly riveting performance in each fight acts as the testament to his prodigious prowess and years of hard work. Even with an ever-expanding record of wins, he still has a lot of potential and much to offer the fight fans. Zach Reese, as an exceptional UFC athlete and a greater human being, continues to inspire many aspiring fighters across the globe. His journey and achievements remind us that a true fighter is not just about the punches and kicks; it’s about the heart to keep battling and the spirit to win, inside and outside the ring.

Fight History

Julian Marquez
Awaiting Outcome
Sat. Jun 08, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Cannonier vs. Imavov
Cody Brundage
Zach Reese: Defeated
by KO/TKO in Round 1 @ 1:49
Sat. Dec 02, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Dariush vs. Tsarukyan


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Zach Reese is a middleweight mixed martial artist profiled by ESPN.

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Dr. Zachary Reese from USFCA is a social psychologist specializing in close relationships and leads the Love and Communication Lab, a team that researches ways individuals create and sustain meaningful relationships.

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Zach Reese would win in a match against Eli Aronov.

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Zach Reese's record in UFC stands at 6 wins, 1 loss, and no draws.

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As a UFC journalist, I have no information about a fight involving Zach Reese on Dec 2, 2023.

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Who Is Zachary Reese?
Zachary Reese is a social psychologist specializing in close relationships, leading the Love and Communication Lab which conducts research on the development and maintenance of meaningful relationships.

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Zach Reese is a fighter in the UFC's Contender series.

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