Silvana "La Malvada" Juarez


Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5' 3"
Reach: 65"
Weight: 115 lbs.


Silvana Juarez is a renowned mixed martial artist based in the United States. She has been competing for over 10 years and currently holds a professional record of 7 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw.

Juarez was born on August 13th 1985 in Mexico City, Mexico. At the age of 5, Silvana immigrated with her family to Los Angeles, California in search of better opportunities for themselves and their children’s future. This move would be a crucial part of Juarez’s journey as it enabled her to be exposed to the world of MMA at an early age; making it easier for her to pursue this passion later on in life.

As she grew older, Juarez took up martial arts classes ranging from Karate to Taekwondo at local gyms around Los Angeles while also playing soccer competitively throughout high school and college. After graduating college with degrees in both Business Administration and Marketing/Advertising/PR industries she made the decision to give up soccer altogether so that she could instead devote all her time into training for MMA competitions full-time.

In 2010 Juarez made her professional debut against Jan Finney at “Xplode Fight Series: Genesis” where she successfully won via unanimous decision after three rounds – beginning the trajectory of an impressive career within MMA circles ever since then! After joining forces with Combat Sports Management (CSM) who connected her with some top-level fighters across different weight divisions like DeAnna Bennett & Andrey Koreshkov; Silvana was finally able to establish herself as one of the premier female fighters within these rosters as well! Her most notable victories have come against veterans such as Marloes Coenen & Zoila Frausto Gurgel which continue today through fights like Cheyanne Vlismas earlier this year (2021).

Throughout this entire journey however what remains clear is that Silvana’s determination & resilience have kept driving forward no matter what obstacles might stand between herself & success! Her hardworking attitude has earned respect from both fans & fellow athletes alike resulting into becoming not only an inspiration but also one helluva fighter whenever inside or outside the cage! These qualities makes us believe that even greater things are yet still ahead for Mses Juárez – let’s see how much further greatness can go when given proper support by those who love watching good old fashioned #GritnGlory action!!

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