Jonny "The Sluggernaut" Parsons

RECORD: 8-2-0
STANCE: Orthodox
DIVISION: Welterweight
HEIGHT: 5' 9"
REACH: 69"
WEIGHT: 170 lbs.

Latest Bouts:

Danny Roberts
Awaiting Outcome
Sat. Jul 22, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Aspinall vs. Tybura

Jonny Parsons is an MMA fighter, better known by his ring name ‘The Kid’, who has fought in several Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Bellator events. Born on August 18th 1984 in Little Rock, Arkansas he was raised by a loving single mother along with two older sisters. His father had left the family when Jonny was young and this left him determined to make something of himself despite the odds stacked against him.

At the age of 17 he joined the army with high hopes for a successful future but as time went on his interest began to wane and it wasn’t long before he started looking for other opportunities. During this time he heard about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) from a friend whom suggested that it might be something Jonny would enjoy doing. After watching some videos online Jonny decided to give it a try and set off for Las Vegas where he trained under renowned MMA coach Shawn Tompkins at TapOut Training Center Westside located within Xtreme Couture Gym facility.

In 2006 Jonny competed in his first professional fight in King Of The Cage events held out at Horseshoe Casino in southern Indiana where he won both times via decisional victory. This sparked much more interest within himself as well as other promoters which led him to pursue further success within various UFC competitions such as: The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Finalist; WEC Middleweight Champion; Strikeforce Middleweight Grand Prix Semi-Finals Winner; Bellator Middleweight Contender Series Champion; Invicta FC Strawweight Tournament Runner-up; Invicta FC Light Heavyweight Title Challenger etc… Being able to compete alongside some of the toughest fighters around has given him immense confidence amongst fight fans worldwide due to his ability to adapt during fights depending on each opponents style/technique used throughout their match-ups simultaneously making them memorable for viewers tuning into televised broadcasts or attending live shows .

As of 2020 Jonny has achieved an impressive record consisting of 42 wins 3 loses over 10 years competing professionally where most recently signed an exclusive contract with Bare Knuckle Fight Club releasing promotional materials across USA & UK media outlets expressing enthusiasm towards upcoming bouts scheduled later this year however no official dates have been announced until further notice . Despite setbacks prior commitments always seem promising thanks largely due relentless dedication working hard inside training gymnasiums along side coaches preparing physical body mind spirit ahead battles waiting take place octagon cage Battle Royale Fight Night pay per view series broadcasted worldwide awaiting new champions arrive wearing crown glory…