Stance: Orthodox
Division: Featherweight
Height: 5' 6"
Reach: 68"
Weight: 135 lbs.


The following biography outlines crucial information about the current fighters of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a premier MMA organization. This comprehensive guide offers valuable details on the fighters’ demographics, recent signings and departures, fight schedules and results, relevant sanctions, as well as the reigning champion across each weight division, a central part of the narrative.

As of 21st July 2023, the UFC roster boasted of a diverse array of fighters drawn from 73 countries, indicating the global reach and popularity of the sport. Some fighters in the UFC universe gain entry via new signings, while others mark their return either from retirements that they previously announced or from prolonged breaks from the UFC scene. However, it is notable that even as new signings are made, certain fighters find their contracts terminated or opt for retirement, typically within a month of such decisions.

Maintaining integrity and fairness among its ranks, the UFC keeps an active list of fighters who have been suspended for policy violations. The suspensions might be enforced by either national or international anti-doping agencies for indulgence in banned substances, misconduct during fights or event venues, or due to specific directives from the UFC. Records state that since the testing program’s inception on May 16, 2019, 76 UFC fighters have been sanctioned by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

To differentiate fighters from different geographic origins during telecasts, the UFC uses flag icons, which may not always reflect the full citizenship of the fighters. All this information culminates in the creation of the UFC rankings, a significant component of the sport’s narrative.

The UFC rankings, compiled by a panel comprising MMA media members, are a key part of the fighters’ profiles. The panel categorizes fighters based on their performance both by weight class and pound-for-pound. A fighter might be ranked in multiple divisions simultaneously if they have competed in those divisions. The champions and interim champions are given precedence in their respective weight classes, and only the champions are eligible to be voted on for pound-for-pound rankings.

Keeping track of the changing landscape, the ranking system is periodically updated when fresh information emerges from the UFC’s official website. The latest update was made on February 27, 2024, following UFC Fight Night: Moreno vs. Royval 2.

As of now, the UFC operates nine different weight classes. The list of champions, like other records, witnesses regular updates, the most recent one being on December 16, 2023, post-UFC 296. The current champions established their reign through pivotal battles such as Amanda Lemos’s victory at UFC 292 on August 19, 2023, a draw between Valentina Shevchenko at UFC Fight Night 227 on September 16, 2023, and back-to-back wins against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284 on February 12, 2023, and UFC 294 on October 21, 2023. Such contests form the exciting part of the dynamic UFC story.

Fight History

Dan Argueta
Jean Matsumoto: Winner
by Submission in Round 2 @ 4:59
Sat. Apr 06, 2024
UFC Fight Night: Allen vs. Curtis 2


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As a UFC journalist, I currently do not have specific information on Jean Matsumoto's next fight.

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Jean Matsumoto won the match against Kasey Tanner.

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Jean Matsumoto is a Bantamweight Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter profiled on ESPN.

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Jean Matsumoto is a Bantamweight fighter in the UFC.