Stance: Orthodox
Height: 6' 0"
Reach: 73"
Weight: 155 lbs.


This biography delves into the current list of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighters, their relevant information, country of origin, latest signings and departures, schedules of matches and their results. This data is supplemented with information on the reigning champion of each division. As of the most recent update on 21st July 2023, the UFC roster boasts fighters representing 73 countries worldwide.

However, over the past month, certain fighters have either been officially released from their UFC contracts or have announced retirement. Those whose release has not been formally announced have nevertheless been included based upon their removal from the official UFC rosters.

Additionally, there is a category of fighters who either recently inked agreements with the UFC but are yet to make their official debut, those who have returned from an earlier announced retirement, and those who are yet to make their return to the famed UFC octagon.

The UFC follows strict measures to uphold the integrity of the sport, one of which involves suspending fighters who violate rules. This could include testing positive in tests conducted by (1) United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) or World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) for using prohibited substances or non-analytical incidents, (2) local commissions, for misconduct during fights or at event venues, or (3) by the UFC itself. As of 16th May 2019, a total of 76 UFC fighters have faced sanctions by USADA since the commencement of the UFC USADA testing program.

The national flag icons listed along with fighter information do not necessarily represent a fighter’s full citizenship but are in line with those displayed on the UFC’s official broadcasts. The most recent update for this information was made on 23rd March 2024, after the UFC on ESPN: Ribas versus Namajunas bout.

UFC rankings are determined by a panel comprised of members from the MMA media. The panel’s responsibility is to vote for the top active fighters in the UFC both on a weight class basis and pound-for-pound. It’s worth noting that a fighter can be ranked in multiple divisions simultaneously, particularly if they have competed in those divisions. The reigning champions and interim champions are placed at the pinnacle of their respective weight classes, and only these champions are given consideration for the pound-for-pound ranking.

The rankings earned by UFC fighters are continuously recorded and updated when new information emerges from the UFC’s official website. The most recent update in this regard was made on 26th March 2024, post the UFC on ESPN: Ribas versus Namajunas fight.

Currently, the UFC hosts nine different weight classes. The list of champions for each weight class was most recently updated on 15th March 2024, after UFC 299. Highlights from that event include victories against Amanda Lemos at UFC 292, Valentina Shevchenko at UFC Fight Night 227, and Marlon Vera at UFC 299. The fighters also managed to secure wins against Alexander Volkanovski at both UFC 284 and UFC 294.

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When Is James Llontop's Next Fight?
The date of James Llontop's next fight is unknown.

Who Won The Match Between James Llontop And Malik Lewis?
James Llontop won the match against Malik Lewis.

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James "Goku" Llontop's Sherdog profile contains information about his MMA stats, pictures, news, videos, and biography.