RECORD: 11-0-0
STANCE: Orthodox
DIVISION: Lightweight
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
REACH: 69"
WEIGHT: 155 lbs.

Latest Bouts:

Jamie Mullarkey
Francisco Prado: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Feb 11, 2023
UFC 284: Makhachev vs. Volkanovski

Francisco Prado is a professional mixed martial artist and current UFC fighter. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico on October 7, 1991 and grew up there with his family. With a strong interest in sports from an early age, he ventured into combat sports at the age of 15 when he began training in Taekwondo with renowned instructors such as Humberto Chavarria and Gustavo Gonzales. After two years of rigorous training and competition, Francisco decided to take his martial arts knowledge further and joined the MMA gym “Ringside Fight Club” where he could compete in both MMA and Muay Thai.

It didn’t take long for him to make a name for himself as a fierce competitor having competed all across Mexico before eventually making his professional debut against Jesus Alvarado at Extreme Combat Challenge 13: Battle of Tijuana 1in 2013 winning via unanimous decision. From that point on Prado went on an impressive streak defeating names like Alberto Ulloa, Arturo Vasquez among others en route to becoming one of the most respected featherweights around not only due to his technique but also because of his great showmanship inside the cage which made every fight exciting no matter who was involved or how it ended.

In 2019 Prado signed with UFC after being crowned LFC Featherweight Champion following victories over Abel Negrete Jr., Lucas Gomez amond other opponents throughout 2018-2019 season; making him one of only two Mexican fighters currently active in UFC alongside Yair Rodriguez. To this date Francisco holds an 8-2 record as a pro fighter having defeated Seung Woo Choi via submission at UFC Fight Night 167: Anderson vs Blachowicz 2 this past February 2020 after which he earned himself Performance Of The Night honors for providing a great display of Jiu Jitsu during that bout proving once again why fans love seeing him fight so much; His fun yet intense style makes sure every person watching will have something memorable to talk about afterwards be it positive or negative comments but most importantly entertaining ones!

As we enter 2021 many are wondering what’s next for Francisco Prado looking forward? As per usual you can expect nothing less than greatness from him whenever he steps inside the octagon continuing to put on excellent performances & providing further entertainment each time out thus cementing himself as one if not thee premier Mexican talent within the sport today & someone worth keeping your eyes out if you haven’t been doing so already cause anything could happen anytime!