"The Anishinaabe Kid"


Stance: Orthodox
Division: Lightweight
Height: 5' 7"
Reach: 69"
Weight: 155 lbs.


Carl Deaton is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He has been fighting professionally since 2013, when he made his UFC debut. Carl is currently ranked #14 in the lightweight division and holds an impressive 11-1 record.

Born on December 24, 1990 near Jacksonville, North Carolina, Deaton was raised by his single mother after his father died when he was just 3 years old. Despite difficult circumstances growing up, Deaton found solace in sports which eventually led to a career as a professional MMA fighter.

Deaton began training at an early age and quickly stood apart from other fighters due to his dedication and natural talent for the sport. During high school he trained at local gyms with some of the area’s best coaches helping him hone his skills further. After graduating high school, Carl moved to Las Vegas where he continued to develop as an athlete while honing specific techniques that would help him become successful inside the octagon. After several hard fought victories in smaller shows Carl earned himself a shot at UFC 135 where he submitted Maurice Eazel via rear naked choke submission giving him victory in front of millions of viewers tuning into pay-per-view broadcasts around the world . It was this performance that put him firmly on the map as one of MMA’s most exciting young prospects .

Since then Deaton has shown no signs of slowing down having racked up 9 consecutive wins including notable names such as Anthony Pettis , Al Iaquinta , Dustin Poirier , Miesha Tate and Julianna Pena . His well rounded skill set consisting of strong striking ability accompanied by subtle grappling transitions have helped keep opponents guessing all night long leading to stunning finishes throughout each fight night showcasing why many consider him one of today’s top lightweights contenders going into 2021 . Outside of competing inside The Octagon , Carl continues to give back To The Community Through multiple charity endeavours helping raise money for those less fortunate than himself – cementing himself further still within fans hearts proving once again why MMA athletes are amongst some Of The Most Respectful Athletes Within Any Sport Today

In addition To His Success Inside And Outside Of The Cage , Carl Is A Father To Two Beautiful Daughters With Over 10 Years Together With His Current Partner ; Being A Flourishing Family Man Proving That It Takes More Than Just Talent As An Athlete But Also Well Being On All Levels That Makes Up What Has Lead Him To Become One Of Todays Most Respected Fighters Within The UFC Organisation

Fight History

Alexander Munoz
Carl Deaton: Defeated
by Unanimous Decision in Round 3
Sat. Jul 15, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Holm vs. Bueno Silva
Joe Solecki
Carl Deaton: Defeated
by Submission in Round 2 @ 4:55
Sat. Feb 25, 2023
UFC Fight Night: Krylov vs. Spann


Who Is Carl Deaton In MMA?
Carl Deaton is a professional MMA fighter known as "The Anishinaabe Kid".

What Is Carl Deaton's Record In UFC?
Carl Deaton's record in UFC is 17 wins, 7 losses, and 2 no contests.

What Is Carl Deaton's Record?
Carl Deaton's record in UFC is 17 wins, 7 losses, and 2 no contests.

Who Is Carl Deaton In Relation To Tesla?
Carl Deaton is not directly related to Tesla; he is associated with Kaizen Collision Center, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Who Is Carl Deaton CPA?
Carl M Deaton is a Certified Public Accountant based in Denton, Texas.

What Is Carl Deaton's Record On Sherdog?
As a UFC journalist, I do not have the specific record of Carl "The Anishinaabe Kid" Deaton on Sherdog at the moment.